Episode 9 of the series “The End”: Aziz’s truth that no one expected


Muhammad Sultan Mahmood In the news, cinema and television, Ramadan 2020

Publication date: Sunday, May 3, 2020 – 1:27

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        The events of the series "The End" by Youssef El-Sherif, which are shown exclusively through ON channels, will continue, and we will review the most prominent events of the ninth episode:<p>- Zain returns to the Oasis restaurant and asks about the waiter who has disappeared, and the restaurant manager tells him that the waiter was deported from the Oasis in the morning after being accused of theft, then Shaker attends to ask Zain to join his table that includes Salima, Majeed and the rest of the energy lab staff, but he refuses silently and returns To his room.
  • The security official leaves his office after collecting his belongings and informs Mounes that he is going for a few days, then he gives him 2% of the value of the sale of the stock he stole from the North Tower with Radwa’s approval, which angers Mones because his share is small.

Moans requires Zina about the whereabouts of the original copy of Zain’s awareness, but she denies knowing where she is or how she used it Sabah, and confesses to him that Aziz is the one who has the answers.

  • Aziz arrives with Saadeh to a new hideout in which he uses old gasoline-based technological methods as a source of energy, a place far from the eyes of Moans and his men, who stormed the place of Aziz in search of any impact leading them to him, while one of Murad Al-Mahrouqi’s men stands watching Aziz’s moves in his new hideout .

Mounes discovers the existence of an old device for forging identity cards and photographs bearing Aziz’s image, which is surprising because these technologies are more than 50 years old, and he instructs his aides to search for the old archive of Aziz and try to reach his truth.
– Aziz decides that Zain must be accessed and disabled before it turns into a deadly automatic weapon, and he and his Excellency go out in his car, heading to Zain’s place of observation by penetrating the Energy Ko security network.

  • The four orphan children roam the streets of Jerusalem in search of a place to work, and there they meet Zain standing on the bridge waiting for the arrival of Sabah, but he does not recognize them, and the children convince him that he is amnesia and that he can be treated at Energy Co, and they start searching with him for the company’s headquarters .

  • Aziz and Saadeh arrive at Energy Ko headquarters at the moment Zain arrives with the children, and brings his happiness towards him to disable the robot and take him with him to the car, but the security men arrive and start shooting, which causes Saada to flee with Aziz and the children to run away thinking that they are The security men came to arrest them, but the security men took Zain to the company’s headquarters.

  • Aziz returns to his hiding place and is reassured that Saada is injured, then a weapon comes out of his hiding place and goes out on a journey he has not disclosed to His Excellency the rest in the cache to obtain relief.

  • Eng. Rabie begins preparing the session to obtain a new copy of Zain’s awareness file, and receives a call from Eng. Ghofran asking him to shorten the period of obtaining the copy to a day instead of waiting for a week, but Rabih informs him that this may harm Zain’s mental integrity, and Ghafran tells him that the matter He does not care as long as he possesses a copy of his consciousness that includes details of his invention.

Moones discovers shocking information about Aziz, who escaped from Cairo after committing a murder 70 years ago, and asks his men to quickly reach him, which indicates that he might be a robot.

  • Aziz arrives at the Energy Company headquarters carrying his weapon and prepares to enter the company and fight his battle to liberate Zain.

The series is written by Amr Samir Atef, directed by Yasser Sami, produced by Synergy-Tamer Morsi and co-starring with a number of artists, including: Youssef El Sharif, Amr Abdel Galil, Iyad Nassar, Nahed El Sebaei, Ahmed Wafik, Sawsan Badr, Mohamed Lotfy, Sahar Al Sayegh, Basem His singer, Mahmoud Al-Leithi, and Yasmine Ali.

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