English Premier League news: The English Premier League clubs reject the new plan and propose an immediate amendment


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Sport 360 – A handful of clubs refuse Premier League The new plan to complete the English Premier League matches this season by holding matches in neutral stadiums.

On Monday, the British government approved the idea of ​​a return Premier League Again with early June.

English clubs reject the British government’s decision

However, the government has set among the conditions for return that matches take place in neutral fields, which will be determined before the Premier League is completely completed, provided that no team plays in its field in the coming period.

But the British media Martin Ziegler in the British Times It was reported a short while ago that more than half of the Premier League clubs rejected the idea of ​​neutral stadiums to resume the league.

Ziegler explained that more than ten English clubs expressed their unhappiness with the idea, and therefore the English Premier League intends to move in the coming hours to try to change the plan.

The association intends to ask the British government to rethink the plan to play matches in neutral stadiums and to allow clubs to play matches on and off the field in accordance with the pre-set schedule of the competition.

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