English Premier League clubs reaffirm their commitment to resume activity


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London – English Premier League clubs reaffirmed their commitment to end the 2019-2020 season, in the event of reduced social restrictions in Britain as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, despite the fear of some players.

Elite clubs face losses estimated at about one billion pounds (1.25 billion US dollars) if the season is not completed due to the outbreak of the “Covid-19” epidemic.

Running the remaining 92 matches will reduce the losses and thus avoid returning hundreds of millions to the transport companies.

The clubs discussed on Friday how to end the current season, and the association’s statement said, “The association and the clubs are studying the first attempts and will not return to the exercises except with government guidance and specialized medical advice after consulting with the players and coaches.”

“The clubs reaffirmed their commitment to end the 2019-2020 season, while maintaining the integrity of the competition and welcoming government support,” the Premiership statement added.

Reports indicated that the league informed the clubs that the matches must be played in ten neutral stadiums in order to complete the season.

Brighton club CEO Paul Barber said on Thursday that the idea of ​​not playing home games is “an additional flaw” as well as being played without fans.

The British government is due to review the closures on May 7, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is recovering from HIV infection, has promised to secure a “road map” to ease the restrictions.

Under the leadership of German coach Juergen Klopp, Liverpool stand close to grabbing the title for the first time in 30 years, in addition to several problems that must be resolved, including qualifying for the Champions League and the issue of club relegation, which could result in legal disputes.

Logistical difficulties

The Premier League is also facing huge logistical difficulties in its attempt to return to the activity that was halted on March 13 due to the outbreak of the “Covid-19” epidemic.

Manchester City Argentine striker Sergio Aguero announced that the players were afraid to resume playing because of the Coruna outbreak.

“Of course, the majority of the players are afraid because they have children and families,” Aguero said in an interview with “El Sheringito” network.

“If we go back, I am sure everyone will be so nervous the moment someone feels sick and says,” What is going on here? ”

Players will face absence for several weeks from their families, where they will be subject to quarantine in hotels. “I hope we will not get into this scenario. It is very difficult to get out. If you spend 8 weeks away from your family is a big task,” said Brighton veteran Glen Murray.

Murray also described the idea of ​​players wearing masks during matches as a “farce”.

On the other hand, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville, who works for Sky Sports, expressed concern about the health of the league players in the event of a quick return to competitions after lifting the total closure imposed in Britain due to the emerging Corona virus.

He believed that the economic factor overcomes the human factor and said in this regard, “People are now assessing the risks. How many people must die playing football in the Premier League before the situation becomes bitter? One? One player? Or one of the employees goes to intensive care” What are the risks that we must take? The debate is purely economic, otherwise we would have stopped playing for several months. ”

Securing the necessary checks for players and the technical staff is a headache for the political authorities.

According to some reports, players and members of the technical staff have to undergo tests to detect corona virus two or three times per week.

“If football returns to life, the tests will be very important, with additional doses of training required,” former Portuguese physician Chelsea footballer Eva Carneiro told BBC News.

“It takes one (discovery) case for everything to get blown by the wind,” she warned.

There are those who express their annoyance at the fact that players are subjected to periodic checks, while other members of society do not receive this.

The football authorities will try not to make more mistakes after the clubs Liverpool, Tottenham and Bournemouth imposed partial unemployment on their employees before retracting this step after criticism of her.

There is also a fear that supporters of the teams will not respect the instructions related to social divergence in the event of the resumption of league competitions, even if the matches were held behind closed doors.

In this context, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson expressed his concern about the gatherings that may take place outside the city team’s “Anfield” stadium.

“Even if (the matches) are held behind closed doors, thousands will rush out of the Anfield stadium. Not many people will stick to what we say and stay indoors. Many of them will go to celebrate, it is not a successful idea,” he said in a BBC interview Thursday. .

But despite all these hardships, the football authorities in England are determined to do their utmost not to follow the example of France and the Netherlands in ending the season early.

But even the most powerful championship in the world may find great difficulties, and therefore will probably have to face huge financial losses.

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