England Championship: A team of inspectors will monitor club training


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London (AFP)

A team of inspectors from the English Football League will pay surprise visits to clubs to monitor how serious they are in respecting the rules of social separation during training, the British media indicated on Tuesday.

The English Premier League clubs agreed Monday to allow group exercises in small groups from Tuesday, amid stringent health measures, in preparation for the resumption of the season that has been stalled since March due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The clubs unanimously stressed at the “Appeal Project” meeting held on Monday, that players adhere to the rules of social separation while preventing friction in exercises.

“We have put in place laws and protocols on our ability to monitor clubs,” English Premier League Football Director Richard Garlic was quoted as saying in the newspapers.

“We can request data through the training videos,” he added. “We are also looking to send our own inspection team that will give us the ability to monitor the training fields without warning.”

The training sessions in the first stage will be limited to 75 minutes only, and the players must be divided into groups, each with a maximum of 5 players.

“We will gradually increase the number of inspectors until we are able to be present in every training ground. This will give us confidence that the protocols are adopted as they should,” he added.

The Premier League did not address the date of the appeal, but the “road map” that the government put in place a few days ago will make way for sports competitions to return without an audience starting from the first of next June, with a move to return the “Premier League” wheel to rotation starting from mid-June / June.

The English Premier League on March 13 and Liverpool stopped at the top, 25 points behind its nearest competitors, Manchester City, and needed to win two games out of 9 to be crowned champion for the first time in 30 years.


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