Emirati “robot” for sterilization at Abu Dhabi Airport


Abu Dhabi: The Gulf
Abu Dhabi Airports, in cooperation with the Tawazun Fund for the Development of Strategic Sectors, announced the launch of a CoDi BOT UGV robot to be used in sterilization and anti-virus operations, including the Corona Virus (Covid-19), which was designed and manufactured by «Markeb Technologies »Affiliated with the Fund, which is based in the Emirates.
The launch of the robot, which will be operational from May this year, comes within the framework of the measures adopted by Abu Dhabi Airports to provide the latest technologies and smart systems in its operations, according to the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Airports.
This cooperation falls within the framework of Abu Dhabi Airports ’approach to enhance the use of the most advanced technologies, and integrate them with its operations in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and provide the best services to its travelers.
The new CoDi BOT UGV robot will start operating at various facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport, including employee areas, cargo facilities, as well as passenger aircraft sterilization.
The design and functionality of the robot includes technical features that enable it to work in aircraft cabins to maintain its cleanliness and sterilization, which is one of the specific advantages that the device provides to ensure the safety of its operators through the ability to control it remotely, using video technology, which is transmitted directly over the high-speed communication network from The fourth generation.
The self-driving device will contribute to supporting the operational operations team to carry out their tasks safely while sterilizing the aircraft while they are on the ground of Abu Dhabi International Airport, with the aim of eliminating the risks of infection and pollution to which employees may be exposed, and the robot has high flexibility in sterilizing the various areas inside the airport buildings, This enhances efforts in maintaining public safety and health to limit the spread of the Corona virus, or the possibility of its spread in the future.
The UGV robots will operate in conjunction with a wide range of preventive measures applied at Abu Dhabi International Airport, in response to efforts to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, which includes thermal screening procedures, a nose swab and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing , Pursuant to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the Emirates.
The robot provides three basic functions: targeting viruses on surfaces by spraying pesticides with a UV control system, as well as individual thermal inspection tasks using infrared, as well as sterilizing facilities using special sterilization fluids.


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