Emirates news agency – Emirates Airlines engineering department maintains fleet integrity and preparedness


  • The Emirates Engineering Department maintains the safety and preparedness of the fleet
  • The Emirates Engineering Department maintains the safety and preparedness of the fleet

Dubai, April 30 (WAM) – The Emirates Engineering Department – one of the most advanced aircraft maintenance facilities in the world – works around the clock to maintain the fleet of the carrier, which is the largest operator in the world of wide-body aircraft, and to keep it ready to resume work when conditions permit.

Ahmed Safa, Senior Vice President of Emirates Airlines for Engineering Support Services said: “Today Emirates Airlines operations take a different rhythm and this requires the highest regulatory standards. Our primary goal is to ensure the best customer experience and reassurance when traveling with us and the Emirates Engineering team seeks to maintain the fleet of the tanker, which is The largest operator of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft, which is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Our tasks are not limited to covering aircraft engines only, but we adopt a comprehensive program to stop and restart the aircraft in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and maintenance manuals and to adopt the standards T and our protocols. ”

He added that Emirates Airlines operates a distinguished fleet consisting of 115 A380 aircraft and 155 Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft, as well as adopting the most advanced systems in the industry, especially with regard to avionics .. While covering one-pass aircraft requires 3-4 employees working over 8 hours Our planes need 4-6 employees to take turns over a period of 12 hours, and taking extra precautions while maintaining social divergence is also important and special to us. ”

He explained that from a fleet of 270 aircraft, Emirates Airlines stopped 218 aircraft, including 117 at Al Maktoum International Airport and 101 aircraft at Dubai International Airport, and the coverage of these planes required 15,500 working hours.

He pointed out that Emirates Airlines operates about 75 aircraft to return residents to their countries and transport basic supplies, and these aircraft are maintained in accordance with the established procedures of work. A number of aircraft are subject to regular heavy maintenance in the Emirates Engineering Sheds.

He said that Emirates Airlines, as a routine procedure, covers all the aircraft that have been out of service for more than 48 hours … noting that all openings through which environmental factors such as sand, dirt and water in addition to birds and insects can find their way into the plane covered with water-resistant covers and this includes Engines, air data systems, power generation units and other sensitive systems.

He added that the Emirates Engineering takes care of the interior design of the booths, whether the cabin structure, seats or entertainment systems on the plane and also maintains the water network, fuel tanks, engine systems and power generation units. The process also includes lubrication, cleaning and maintenance of landing gear and flight control systems and also the team works to stop the operation of all keys Cockpit, battery separation, control lever locks and window blinds.

He added that, once the coverage and protection work is complete, Emirates Engineering employees inspect the fleet’s aircraft every 7, 15 and 30 days, including ensuring the safety of the aircraft caps and the absence of any clear damage or external leaks, while detailed checks include removing the covers and re-activating the aircraft and engine systems and ensuring safety Engines and flight control systems.

“We need at least 4-5 employees and 18-24 working hours to bring one of our aircraft back into service, and our customers and employees are anxiously awaiting the return of our A380 superjumbo and Boeing 777 aircraft to air again, making our regular schedules and serving passengers all over the world,” he said.

WAM / Munira Al-Sumaiti / Abdel Nasser Menem


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