Egyptro, al-Mustaqbal newspaper, and the channel unite a sit-in


It has become a fixed time for the weekly sit-in of the sit-in of the future TV Egyptians who resort to gathering in front of the channel’s building in “Spears” to demand the payment of their financial dues, which the administration is lagging behind, three months ago. 25 months. Last week, they were prevented from protesting in front of the building in Al-Sanayeh. When they went to the “middle house”, they were also prevented from approaching. Today they gather again at 12:00 noon, to raise their voices of hunger and destitution. In addition to these, employees of the newspaper, “Al-Mustaqbal” newspaper, who demonstrated in front of the office of Finance Minister Saad Hariri, Walid Al-Saba ‘Ayn, joined in “Gefinor” yesterday, demanding to pay their dues, according to a previous agreement between the two parties to pay the installments over twenty months. Three months ago, the payment of these funds without legal justifications stopped, in clear violation of the agreement that was sponsored by the then “Ministry of Labor”, “the General Labor Union” and “the Editors Syndicate.” Yesterday, the chief financial officer refused to give any payments to the expenses, and informed them that Hariri only owned 20% of the newspaper according to what they announced in a statement later, in a clear disclaimer of giving the due rights. The bankers decided to move in the field in the coming days and stressed that “they will not be satisfied until their dues are paid.”


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