Egyptian Parliamentary: This is a curative secret from Corona – One World – Arabs


Sherine Farouk, a member of the Egyptian Parliament, said that the Corona virus is dangerous and should not be underestimated, as its infection spreads quickly among people.
The Middle East News Agency stated that Member of Parliament Shirin Farraj recovered from infection with the Corona virus, and left the hospital and returned to her home on Friday.

The MP said, according to the seventh day, that her experience with Corona was not easy, but “was cruel and extremely difficult”, calling on the masses of Egyptians to pay close attention to the seriousness of this virus and fully adhere to preventive and precautionary measures.

The parliamentarian pointed out that she had infected her two sons, and she continued: “I transmitted the disease to them, and I was amazed at the rapid spread of the disease, and everyone should follow the medical procedures and the social separation with decisiveness and firmness, as the matter is not easy, as some believe.”

She continued: I felt shortness of breath, then a rise in temperature, and for some, the disease may develop into pneumonia, and it is important to go to the hospital as soon as you feel the symptoms.

Farraj added that she “recovered after taking a malaria medication.”



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