Egypt – Introducing Forza Street game to Android and iOS platforms globally .. Learn more


(MENAFN – Youm7) The famous street race game Forza Street arrived today for users of smartphones and tablets on the Android and iOS platforms, as it features a fast racing experience for less than a minute, and also allows users to choose between a distinguished group of cars, and the opportunity to unlock new types of cars.

According to the Indian fonearena website, Forza Street provides the opportunity for users to upgrade car parts to obtain a distinctive collection, and the game also provides weekly Rivals events to compete between users in challenges and races on the Internet to reach the lead.

The game also provides Forza Street users with an opportunity until June 5 to add a 2017 Ford GT, get in-game credit, and also include a distinct group of cars.

It is worth noting that Forza, which means “energy” in Italian, is a series of Forza games that relate to sports car racing, was issued for the first time in May 2005 AD, and was working on the Xbox 360 operating system, and it has 6 parts of the main series, and three parts of The sub-series named Forza Horizon.



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