Egypt .. Al-Arabiya sources give details of the liquidation of Bir al-Abed cell



On Sunday, the Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent in Cairo quoted security sources as saying that the recently-filtered Bir al-Abed cell was planning to carry out a series of terrorist operations starting today, Sunday.

The Egyptian Interior had announced, earlier, 18 terrorists were killed during a raid in the vicinity of Bir al-Abd, Also found 13 automatic weapons and 3 explosive devices, in addition to obtaining information about the hiding of terrorist elements in the vicinity of Bir al-Abd.

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Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath sources added that the National Security Agency collected detailed information about the filtered terrorist elements, and that the security services sent a security reconnaissance team, tracked the terrorist elements and collected detailed information about the cell, and indeed the move was swift.

She said that the forces of the Special Operations and Combating Terrorism from the Ministry of Interior arrived in Sinai a few days ago and liquidated the terrorist elements in a pre-emptive operation before the cell carried out a terrorist operation in Sinai.

The sources added that the cell was found in possession of large quantities of ammunition and radios, in addition to non-Egyptian lines, and quantities of ammunition and quantities of explosive materials, before they carried out the terrorist operation that they were planning.

Explosive belts were also found in the cell, including some filtered elements involved in terrorist operations in Sinai.

Major security leaders at the Ministry of Interior supervised the Bir al-Abd operation before it was carried out, according to the sources, who added that the terrorist cell planned to target ambushes and various security pillars before breakfast, but the security services reached their plan before its implementation.


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