“Education” launches a “virtual academy” for 12th grade students – localities – education


The Ministry of Education has launched a virtual academy initiative for students of the twelfth year, general and advanced, that aims to develop their capabilities in a number of subjects, namely Arabic, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, through the “TIMS” channels that are under the umbrella of the smart learning system applied by the ministry during Current conditions, and in order to raise the results of the academic achievement of students, which entails their transition to university education, and students can benefit from them and participate in them through links that the Ministry will pass to students regarding each academy and He promised her, and the ministry set three times per week, and the academies will start operating from May 17 to June 14.

The initiative aims to raise the achievement level of the twelfth grade students in the academic subjects, provide academic support to them and upgrade the students’ skills, and provide them with a coherent and integrated knowledge stock, which can be evaluated according to the standard levels in force in the Ministry.

The assistant undersecretary for the school operations sector, Fawzia Gharib, said that the virtual academies work to enhance the quality of educational outcomes for the Emirati school, in a way that guarantees advanced levels of competition, in light of the current circumstances that necessitated work on educational initiatives that guarantee impact and results, benefiting students in various Their academic levels.

She emphasized that «the ministry devoted special attention to secondary school students, given the specificity of this stage and the consequent student’s transition to another academic stage, which is the university study phase, so we launched this initiative to direct more support to secondary school students, to improve their performance and educational attainment according to a plan designed specifically To provide them with all the academic support they need. ”

She added that the Ministry has assigned teachers for each subject matter mimicked by the initiative, to take over the task of supporting students in it, and to submit reports to the concerned authorities in the ministry to know the extent of their impact and research in the possibility of developing them if necessary.

She pointed out that the initiative attracted more than 2000 male and female students from the secondary stage, and they are supervised by 94 teachers specialized in the academic subjects covered by the initiative, and they undertake their academic support in accordance with the plan that was approved when preparing for the project, and in a manner that suits students’ cognitive needs.

The initiative aims to raise the achievement level of the 12th grade students.




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