Dramatic work that highlights the relationship of thought to the heart in Lebanon


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The Lebanese became attached to the local Ramadan series “The Heart” since its first episodes, after carrying a whiff of love that they missed in the time of “Corona” and social exclusion.

The story of love between the two heroes, Nahi (Wissam Fares) and Diana (Sarah Abi Kanaan), who pass through all the challenges and difficulties they face, are what contributed to attracting his followers. It also anchored in the memory of the viewer a romance embodied by the director of the work Julian Maalouf with his camera, translating a real text written by Tariq Suwaid.

From its inception, this work is based on an unexpected series of events, breaking the pattern of business we are accustomed to in our local productions. The viewer snatches his breath after 3 episodes of work, when the dream of Nahi and Diana suddenly ends, and his slices are cut off by a stray bullet. From this point on, the viewer touches the realism of a drama closely resembling the production of G8 Production.

Tariq Suwaid, the author of this work that is shown on the LBCI screen, uploaded his web with a varied and unusual rhythm, to achieve a kind of “unexpected”. It deals with various social issues, which were inspired by the core of Lebanese society. And the course of work takes us after the death of one of his heroes in a life journey that branches out from the story of a man (Badi Abu Shaqra) who lives with a new heartbeat as a result of the donation of one of his deceased members, and the aunt (Carmen Labs), who was betrayed by love at the age of the youth and the father who is addicted to alcohol after his wife Darren escaped The soldier) with her boyfriend. He also talks about other topics revolving around the ark of organ donation, mental illness, betrayal, loyalty, Alzheimer’s disease, and other elements that our society witnesses.

The work director Julian Maalouf says, “I have translated the feelings of a text imbued with feelings that are not limited to the love of a woman and a man, but to the son’s love for his mother, and the affection of an aunt who forgot her feelings as a woman in order to raise her brother’s children. The text also sheds light on the relationship between the heart and thought, because the latter, and the opposite of what some believe, is the one that motivates and develops our feelings.
Maalouf points out, in the context of his talk to “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat”, that the reason for the success of the series is due to his personalities that resemble us, and explains: “I have loved the business characters until I cried for their sadness and rejoiced at their happiness. Diana (Sarah Abi Kanaan), for example, closely resembles me, and Ferial (Carmen Lebbes) resembles her writer himself. As for the hopes of (Darren El-Gendy), she is like a lot of people who are slandered. ”

Maalouf confirms that the viewer today needs stories that occupy his mind and lead him to analysis: “The interaction of the young generation has attracted me with this work and its characters. They express their admiration for him through their tweets on Twitter. He made them give up watching foreign series on electronic platforms, as they mention in these tweets. And I prepare this result sufficient to satisfy me to a large extent, as a way out of work. ”

According to Maalouf, any success of a particular drama depends on two basic pillars: the smart text, and an exit camera that knows how to translate it, explaining: “It is a process that closely resembles a beautiful costume that needs consistent design and stitching, heart and template. The simplicity of the easy-to-avoid, without distorting work with disturbances or complications, is undoubtedly able to attract its scenes. ”

Julian Maalouf notes that any drama needs to be prepared and coordinated between the writer and director. This process results in what we call the directing world “Screen Play”, that is, the modified text so that its scenes are ready for filming. Maalouf is one of the directors who exert a great effort in preparing the scene for more than 10 consecutive times, while he does not photograph it except once, in order not to lose its nature.

The “unexpected” policy adopted by the writer Sweden in his text will accompany the work until its last moments. What awaits the viewer in the remaining episodes of “the heart” will require him to change his normal thinking style, and enter the smart drama prank, to produce what he does not expect.

“I know very well that many questions view the series today, and it does not find clear answers to it, and this is what the writer of the story wanted, and what she achieved from behind the camera. Today’s generation is looking for dramatic events that will break its mysteries and discover its mysteries, before its clues become clear in the context of work. This is an element that stimulates the follow-up of the entire work without getting bored. ”

On the director’s mission in general, he says: “It lies in the management of the actors in the first place. For any wrong movement they commit, the director is directly responsible for it. He must also know how to express feelings, regardless of their nature, in comic or dramatic works, in order for them to come to light in full.

Maalouf describes the personalities of the work, and says: “Diana (Sarah Abi Kanaan) represents the strong and smart woman at the same time, and Ferial (Carmen Labs) the broken woman. As for Badi Abu Shaqra, he represents the man who starts his life from scratch after the success of the surgery he performed through A new heart transplant between his ribs, thanks to an accident victim in Lebanon, who had recommended donating his organs when he died. All of them, in my opinion, are figures burdened with humanity that we are looking for in this time, and the (Corona) epidemic contributed to enhancing its importance and impact on us as human beings. ”

On his opinion of the trend of popular police series recently, which we watch a number of during the Ramadan season, he says: “I am one of the young directors who are attracted by the police work, after we felt the fullness of romantic dramas that are popular in our region. Today, the younger generation is boycotting local drama, and is turning more towards foreigners shown on online platforms. This matter should urge us to develop our dramas and transfer them from one mold to another to keep pace with the current time. But we clash with production companies that still adhere to classic drama, excluding even comedies from them because, in their opinion, they do not provide them with successful marketing and trade ».

On the end he will carry “with the heart,” Julian Maalouf says: “It is an unexpected end, but it is positive, and I think the viewer will love it.”

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