Dr.. Al-Khal demonstrates the fact that Remdisever and reveals the medicines used in Qatar to treat corona


Dr. Abdullatif Al-Khal, Chairman of the Ministry of Health’s National Strategic Committee to Address Coronavirus, unveiled the drugs used in Qatar to treat people infected with Coronavirus “Covid 19”, explaining at the same time the truth of what is being said about the effectiveness of the American remdivir medication.

He said: There are several types of drugs that we use in the treatment of people infected with Coronavirus “Covid 19”, but these medications are given only to cases that require it and cases that do not require it because they have no symptoms or symptoms are very mild.

He explained during a statement to the account of “@ covid19qatar” of the Qatar Media Foundation on Twitter that cases that have severe symptoms such as high temperature or difficulty breathing or the presence of inflammation in the lungs as it appears from chest rays are given several types of drugs, including hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in addition To other medicines to reduce the severity of infection and help in recovery.

Regarding the American drug Remedisfer, Dr. Al-Khal said: Recently, some results of the experiments that were conducted in the United States of America using a new drug Remisdivir, which is given intravenously for severe cases, have been announced, and it turns out that this drug is somewhat effective as the patients have symptoms and instead of it. In 15 days, it became in 10 days or 11 days for symptoms to disappear, just as deaths decreased by a limited percentage from 11% to 8%, adding: We are awaiting more results and details about these experiences, and we also wait for the time when these drugs are available until we buy and provide them For patients in Qatar.

Dr. Al-Khalil reassured the public during the press conference held by the Ministry of Health on Thursday evening, saying that despite the high number of cases infected with Corona virus recently, there is reason for optimism because the proportion of critical cases and deaths is very low, stressing that last week saw an achievement Important to record 1000 cases of complete cure of the virus, “a number that will continue to rise.”

He reaffirmed the importance of committing more to the application of precautionary and preventive measures to limit its spread, ensuring that there is no exit from the home except for necessity, avoiding visits, and ensuring the cleanliness of hands and wearing masks, especially for people most vulnerable to infection with the virus, such as the elderly from 55 years and older, along with the owners of chronic diseases and preservation On the social divergence of its great role in achieving the containment of the virus during the last period and thanks to the efforts of the concerned authorities in the country.


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