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Download PUBG Mobile May 2020 Update Latest version 0.18.0 Download Update now, Today Thursday 7 May 2020 02:57 AM

Tencent Games, the pubg mobile producer and sponsor, has announced the launch Download link for the new pubg mobile update “Winter Festival” put Payload after the completion of the maintenance process in preparation for the update of the new Bebji 0.17.0 March 2020, where she announced through her official account on the social networking site that it will be available from the date of 3 March 2020, and you can learn all the details of the update New Bebji season 12 through our Arab News website.

The servers are returned again to call and work after the maintenance is already completed in preparation for the new update, and a new Bebji download will also be available according to the latest version on the Google Play store and the App Store, and through our Arab News website you can take a look at the new Bebji updates as announced officially You can also learn the steps to download the PUBG Lite game, the reduced version pupg mobile lite For antennas with little RAM, you can also enter the official mobile website.

Download the new PUBG Mobile update
Buggy update

Download the new pubg mobile update

The official release of the new Buggy update, version No. 0.15.5, was officially announced as of Friday, corresponding to the date of November 8, and it should be noted that the internet will not be disconnected for the next update, but rather it is obtained directly by downloading the Buggy 0.15.5 update From the Google Play Store for Android phones, or by downloading the new PUBG, Season 10, Royale Pass Season 10, from the App Store for iOS phones.

In order to download the new pubg mobile update, the pubg mobile mode has no problem when downloading and installing, it must provide sufficient space for the new pubg mobile game, as the latest pubg update requires about 0.21 GB for iOS, and 0.24 GB of storage space is required on phones with The Android operating system, and whoever wants to know all the notes in the new update, can do so through ( via the official website.

Download the new PUBG Mobile update
What’s new in mobile phone

Buggy October 2019 update

The BBG Mobile account on the social networking site “Twitter” has officially announced the disabling and stopping of the BBG Mobile game servers to perform maintenance work and adding new features and features to the game within the new version 0.14.0, where the company explained that the Infection Mode that makes you struggling in an environment has been added Dark to search for opponents in a new map with more opportunities for vertical play, where the style and the way you play will be tested by this unique area.

You can adapt your strategies to the aforementioned situation, and then fight them as a zombie or a survivor, and this requires you to use unique techniques because the zombies will search for early killings, as well as survivors who struggle to continue to place the new PvP among the additions that You can get it after downloading the new pubg mobile update on Wednesday morning corresponding to the fourteenth of this month.

According to Institution Gym, the company that produces the game for the mobile Piggy 2019, the update for the new Piggy 0.14.0 includes several additions that you need to research in depth if you want to survive and prosper, as it requires you to prepare for the battle in order to obtain coins Precious to achieve amazing rewards, also announced the modules of a new personalities system that you can enjoy in EVO modes, and to raise the level of your skills, the game has made it possible to choose what suits you best to upgrade your skills to excel in various fields, and this part will be obtained after downloading the Bebji update The new pubg mobile version 0.14.0.

Download the new pubg mobile update
Update the new webpage

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PUBG update 0.14.0

It has been announced that Xbox and PS4 players have completed direct server maintenance, where you can log in now to claim “Survival Season 2” bonuses for each player, and you should know that there will be no SP until the start of the season entitled “Next Stay” and will More details on this season will be shared at a later time, and the live servers for the computer players will be subject to a 4-hour period starting Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, on August 14 at 2:30 am local time Central Europe, at 9:30 am KSA day Wednesday, corresponding to the date of August 14, 2019.

Update: The official pubg mobile account has been officially announced on Twitter, the ability to download a new pubg mobile update on the store, where you can get the game and jump into the new infection mode in order to test your will to survive, as well. She announced her great interest in clean cheat-free games, as cheat players are banned in order to maintain an equal playing field between players, and in case you come across any cheater player you can report it through the personal computer by following the following link ( mobile phone, by following this link) can also see the list of banned players between August 6 and 12, 2019.

Update: It was also announced by the company that produced the game officially through its account on the social networking site “Twitter” to provide an update for the PC version 4.2 on the test server, and the first update for the fourth season in the middle of the season brings the Erangel visual update to the custom matches, as well as the improvements In the quality of life, bug fixes, etc., as for the Buggy Mobile, you can find the Bonus Challenge event at the top of the game, where the appearance of the Buggy game has changed while the rewards have remained the same, and allows Buggy the ability to download the new Buggy pubg mobile version 0.14.0 now.

Banning cheat players in Bebji

In light of the endeavor of Bebji on a permanent basis to provide a clean playing environment free of fraud, fair and enjoyable for each of the players, and there is no complacency in such cases, where the account that violates the laws receives a ban that will continue for 10 years, and Bebji directs the players’ attention that he is in If you suspect that a player is deceiving or using any means or an unauthorized third-party application in order to receive assistance in an unfair manner in a game, please use the Bebji reporting system within the game, to verify these reports and inform you of the results.

It was also confirmed by PUBG MOBILE that it continues to impose strict discipline against all cheating players, and the identifiers for each cheat player who is confirmed to be using cheat methods are published, and the Buggy Game has presented a list of players who have been banned for 10 years due to fraud in The period from August 13, 2019 to August 19, 2019, and you can view the list of names, whether in the game of mobile phone or mobile phone for the computer through the website of the mobile, and download the update for the new mobile pubg mobile from the Google Play store.

You can get to know some of the cities in Bebji Mobile, where you can find the location of Hatna in the map of Sanhok, and you can also see the city of Sahmi on the same map as well.

The BBG Mobile game, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, explained that the procedure is intensive in the added Infection Mode in the new BBG update 0.14.0, where opposing parties such as the zombies or defenders are dealt with, and the BBB players must withstand, With every killing that takes place, the zombies become stronger, and the game has announced the possibility to search for treasure in the new Explorer – Gold Rush clothing, which is available for a limited time selection as part of the Wilderness Draw, and you can also take advantage of the webpage speed to land the defenders in order to take the “cunning” role as a zombie. In the new Infection Mode, you can die Seven the following video:

Update: The Buggy Mobile game announced through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter” the availability of travel in the world in order to search for the newly added treasure within the latest Buggy updates in version 0.14.0, and a new set of tasks will be issued every week in PUBG Mobile MOBILE To be able to accomplish it on a specific map, you must complete all tasks if you want to get valuable rewards, you can even get a chance to travel to the PMCO Fall Split Finals Finals and you can start traveling now.

Download the new pubg mobile update
Download the new webpage and search for treasure

Update: The official Bebji account (technical support) on the social networking site “Twitter” announced today, Wednesday, August 28, 2019, that 4.2 computers are continuously updated, and it is currently available on the direct server, and maintenance of server 5 is being done to fix errors now Directly, cloudy weather now in Erangel can produce a variety of other weather conditions on the island (from thunderstorms to fog, strong winds and hail), and you can now download the new pubg mobile update by logging into the online store to take advantage of the features and features of the update the new.

The date of the update of Bebji season 9

Officially announced by the official Bebji Mobile account on the social networking site “Twitter” about the end of the eighth season of Royals Pass, as the update of Bebbj season 9 will be available from the date of September 12, 2019, and the ninth season requires the provision of 0.2 GB space and cannot Players on different versions invite each other, so you must download the new pubg mobile Season 9 update immediately after launching it by entering the online store (Android, iOS) and then manually installing the new version.

Important update: The official Peggy Mobile account was announced on the social networking site “Twitter” for the availability of Royal Pass season 9 at the moment, where you can travel in the footsteps of warriors from all over the world and take the mantle of honor, and go out in the fields designated for fighting in the battle, and must You should make sure to return victorious, and whoever wants to download the new update for the Buggy Mobile can do so by going to your phone’s online store to enjoy the features of the new season.

Download the new pubg mobile update
Bebji Season Nine

Buggy Mobile 0.15.0 update

It was officially announced by Bebji Mobile through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter” that PUBG MOBILE will be used in offline mode from 00:00 until 7:00 in the world time on the fifteenth of October for Maintenance or a PUBGY update, and you must prepare to download the new update for PEPGE by providing sufficient space for the update (1.76 GB for Android and 1.98 GB for iOS), and a download for the new PUBG mobile update will be available from October 16, 2019.

Update: The ability to download the new Buggy update 0.15.0 October 2019 has been announced right now through the official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, where you can now join Halloweeks to enjoy new features such as (explosive fuel cans, desert eagle pistol, Ledge Grab, BRDM-2).

Download the new pubg mobile update
Webpage update

Buggy December 2019 update

Bebbji Mobile game announced that Bebbjy released the new version 0.16.0 for the month of December this year, as a download for the new Bebbgy was available on December 11, 2019, and whoever wants to know the new elements can do this by following the following link (), and you can also read an announcement The official game about the launch of the new Buggy update through the following:

Well the weather out there may be frightful, but in PUBG MOBILE things are quite delightful! Experience Update 0.16.0 Winter Festival, with the new RageGear Mode, Snow Paradise, and much much more!

Mobile Phone 0.17.0 update March 2020

Within the 0.17.0 Buggy update comes a number of improvements and features such as adding a “replay” camera to re-video the way you are killed, adding the second year celebration phase and adding the classic theme park in the “Erngel” semi-winter mode map, and adding the stay in the evground to be Blizzard, assemble food, fight players, allow Coment to write a profile for any player in exchange for hardships, add new DBS Shotgun Air Force, and return to hardcore mode ‘new arcade mode’.

The BBG Mobile game has announced the start of providing the new update as of March 3, 2020, and there will be no pause for the game until the completion of the update and maintenance work, and obtaining the new BBG update 0.17.0 requires approximately 1.69 GB of storage space, and you can download the BBG update New PUBG Mobile through your phone’s online store.

PUBG Mobile update in May 2020

The company that produced the PUBG Mobile game announced the advantages of updating the new PUBG Mobile for May 2020, version number 0.18.0 Mad Miramar through its website, and the download of the new PBG Mobile game update will start from Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The BBG Mobile game also announced that the server will not be moved to offline mode and the server is down for this update, and the new BBG update 0.18.0 requires about 1.97 GB for iPhone phones, and requires about 2.21 GB for Android phones, and you must make sure to download the new update at the earliest A time to take advantage of the new features, and whoever wants to see all the features of the new update, can do so by following the link ( through the official Bebji website.

Download the new PUBG Mobile update
Download mobile phone

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