Doctors identify five skin diseases linked to Corona virus


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A recent study revealed that dermatologists have identified 5 skin diseases associated with the new coronavirus, as they may either be caused by it or indicate complications, but have warned people not to “self-diagnose.”And dermatologists have been able to identify these five skin diseases through research conducted on 375 patients in Spain, in an attempt to develop a perception of how the disease appears in skin symptoms, according to the site (Sky News).

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology has asked all dermatologists in Spain to help identify patients who have had an unexplained “rash” in the past two weeks and who have been suspected or confirmed to have Covid-19 disease caused by infection with the Corona virus. The newcomer, according to the British “Sky News” network.

The authors of the study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, warned that in some cases it was difficult to know whether skin diseases were caused directly by the SK virus, or if they were complications of the disease or the drugs used.

The study authors urged people not to try to self-diagnose the virus based on skin symptoms, because rashes and lesions are common and difficult to distinguish between them without medical expertise.

Schistosoma-like symptoms

According to the study, 19 percent of the cases had symptoms such as “schizophrenia,” a medical condition that occurs when a person with a predisposition to cold and moisture diseases, which causes tissue damage, is often confused with “frostbite”.

“Sharth”, which affects hands and feet and is described as small red or purple spots caused by subcutaneous bleeding, causes redness of the skin, itching, inflammation and sometimes pimples.

The study said that these symptoms were associated with young patients, and they lasted for an average of 12.7 days, and later appeared in the context of “Covid-19” disease and were associated with less severe cases of the disease.

Vesicular outbreaks

The skin follicles, which are small, different sized blisters that cause itching in general on the body’s trunk, were sometimes marked with blood.

According to doctors, these pimples appeared in 9 percent of cases, were associated with middle-aged patients, lasted on average for 10.4 days, and appeared more commonly before other symptoms and were associated with moderate severity of infection with the Corona virus.


According to Spanish doctors, urticaria, which is a visible pink or white skin area, has been identified in 19 percent of Coronavirus cases.

Urticaria is usually accompanied by itching known to itchy skin, and it can spread throughout the body, including in a few cases on the palms of the hands, and it lasts on average for 6.8 days.

Other types of rash

According to the study, the Spanish dermatologists identified “other types of rash”, and it appeared in 47 percent of cases of coronavirus out of the total sample population, and it was described as small red bumps, flat and raised, and appeared around the hair follicles in some cases and degrees Varying of desquamation.

The study stated that the appearance of the rash resembles “pityriasis rosea”, a common skin condition, indicating that blood spots under the skin may also be present, either as spots or points or in larger areas, and that they lasted for 8.6 days on average.

Its appearance was combined with other symptoms of coronavirus infection, especially the more severe cases.

The researchers stressed that macular rash and urticaria are common skin diseases, and they can have many causes, which means that they may not be helpful in diagnosing Covid-19 disease.

Reticular glaucoma

The dermatologists, who participated in the study, identified symptoms of retinal glaucoma in 6 percent of the patients with the new SK virus.

Retinal glaucoma or necrosis occurs when blood circulation in the blood vessels of the skin is weakened, causing red or bright blue spots to appear in a grid-like pattern.

These cases were associated with elderly patients with severe cases of “Covid-19”, although the different manifestations of the disease in this group.

Despite these findings regarding skin diseases, and they are relatively rare, the study authors said that it was difficult to know whether they were directly caused by infection with the Corona virus, or were they simply complications of the disease.

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