Distributed to the Saudis, “Musous rice” .. “Watch”, a Saudi activist exposes charitable societies in the Kingdom and stole 300 million riyals


The Saudi activist, Abdulaziz Al-Aqla, triggered a wave of anger, after he exposed the charitable societies in Saudi Arabia, revealing embezzlement and theft of billions taking place in the name of these associations.

Al-Uqla appeared in a video that was monitored by “Watan”. He wondered about the billions of charitable societies in Saudi Arabia, especially during the month of Ramadan. He said: “In Ramadan they collect 200 or 300 million riyals, where do they go? If we collect what is being collected in Ramadan, we will reach one billion riyals.

Al-Aqla continued: “If these sums really reach you, no poor people will remain in Saudi Arabia, collecting at the time 500 million riyals, give them to me and I will build a new city for you with them. It is strange, no one knows where these sums go.”

Al-Uqla confirmed that his words are not circulated to all charitable endowments, and he said: “I do not trust each other, and I confirm the word of some of them, I do not generalize.”
Al-Uqla published one of the tweeters commenting on his words, which he said: “My brother, his friend, works in an association, he says what they give to the needy only a few, and the rest is given to them under the pretext and those working on them.”

Al-Uqla sent a message to the officials in the societies, saying: “All the money that you come for you is responsible for, and you will be held accountable before God for all the signs that came from the financial transfers.”

Al-Aqla narrated one of the situations he lived with, saying: “By God, the Great, I entered into a family that says we do not want money, we only want food.”

He continued: “The Saudi needy goes to the society, and they give him a bag of rice, which is called mite! As for foreigners (especially Syrian refugees), they rent houses and an expense, and they marry them, and the rest (billions) go under the workers’ item!”

The tweeters interacted with the corruption uncovered by Al-Aqleh inside the charitable societies, and they began narrating several positions that occurred with them. My father’s place is someone who shows me a solution to eat, rent, or monthly support. Everyone refuses, with unconvincing arguments. Imagine how he put you, but thank God in every case is hidden, praise be to God. ”

And another commented: “I know alone her husband was imprisoned and he was arrested until his salary and the rent house needed to be paid and they do not have something to eat and the societies refused and her case is funny and the building is in front of her house and he stood apartments to which all foreigners live in it.”

And another revealed about the food donated and corrupt, and she wrote: “God, the Great, is sincere. She only needs her electricity bill, her husband has been unemployed for 5 years, and he must stop the services they refused and help them until the food basket.” What he said shows that dates give you and his mother Zain expired.

Mughrad confirmed from a source inside the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the authenticity of the Saudi activist’s words, and wrote: “From the words of a relative of mine in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and of course the associations under their supervision, he assures me that the words of this person and the Kuwaiti who preceded him before Ramadan are true a million per cent. Charity for those you know and start with the closest, the closest, because the close are better known.

She recounted what happened with her cousin: “It is true that my uncle passed a widow, and she has 3 daughters born orphans, unfortunately, when she went from 4 months ago to apply for security, they rejected it for my uncle’s death. Agar”.

The imam of a Kuwaiti mosque previously exposed the status of charitable societies in Kuwait, and revealed that 90% of these associations are occupiers and swindlers.

The imam of the mosque said in a video spread on social media: “If you have alms, be it zakat or money and you want to give charity and help the poor, advice from me does not give charities.”

Despite the kingdom’s huge amounts of money spent in the war in Yemen, and bin Salman wasting the kingdom’s money on buying yachts and art paintings, reports speak of many Saudis who are below the poverty line.

A report by the “Justice and Development Organization for the Middle East and North Africa” ​​revealed that there are about 5 million Saudi citizens who live below the poverty line, and who suffer because of poverty, the spread of slums and indecent homes.

The report added that the prevalence of poverty in the Kingdom, “as a result of the costs of the Saudi-led war on Yemen, which, according to the latest estimates, amounted to about $ 1.5 billion, in addition to lower oil prices.”

In January 2017, the United Nations expressed its “shock” at the level of poverty in some regions of Saudi Arabia, and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, during his visit to the Kingdom, said that he encountered difficult living conditions, adding: I think it will shock the Saudi citizens. ”


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