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An international team of excavation scientists has unveiled concrete evidence of the first known water dinosaur in the world that lived millions of years ago in the southeast of Morocco, according to the online newspaper (Hespress).

The team includes researchers from the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, the University of Morsi in the United States of America, the University of Portsmouth in England, in addition to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Milan, Italy.

The Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is a huge gasket of 13 meters long and lived in southeastern Morocco about 95 million years ago to 100 million years ago.

The results of this discovery were published in the latest issue (April 29, 2020) of the prestigious scientific journal “Nature”, in addition to an investigation on the website of “National Geographic” magazine, and the team included Moroccans Nizar Ibrahim, Samir Zohri and Ayoub Aman.

Fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in Erfoud, the first known water dinosaur in the world to live in the Cretaceous period, and it is the first discovery of the remains of a dinosaur skull after nearly 70 years of excavation work in the region.

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The study team presented the most convincing evidence so far of a dinosaur capable of living and hunting in an aquatic environment, as it had an unexpectedly long tail and its body contained high nervous thorns and elongated blades forming a large flexible organ in the form of a fin capable of making a large lateral ripple.

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In a declaration issued by the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, this discovery was described as “the unparalleled story of an unusual dinosaur”, so that the first discovery of fossil bones of a dinosaur Spinosaurus by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer more than a century ago in the Egyptian desert.

These new fossils of the Moroccan Spinosaurus dinosaur were discovered at the site of Zrikat, about thirty kilometers from the city of Erfoud in the southeast of the kingdom.

The discovery of this Spinosaur skeleton is part of the fossil discoveries made by an international team working in the “Km Km” area in the southeast of Morocco since 2007.

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