Disappointing study … warm weather will not slow the spread of Corona – Nahar Online


By Nadia bin Taher

A group of scientists came up with a disappointing study on the effect of warm weather on the spread of the emerging corona virus.

British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted scientists as saying that it is unlikely that the warm weather will slow down or hinder the spread of the Corona virus.

Researchers in Canada examined the spread of corona around the world in late March, in places of different humidity, latitude and general health measures, such as social distance.

Dr. Peter Johnny, of the University of Toronto, said the team found little association between spread of infection and temperature or latitude, or only a weak correlation with moisture.

Dr. Johnny reported that, unlike the temperature effect, school closures and other public health measures were effective in suppressing the Corona virus.

The study stated that seasonal variation is likely to play only a minor role in the Corona epidemic.

“Summer will not make this virus disappear, it is important for people to know this,” said Professor Dion Jysink, an epidemiologist from the University of Toronto and co-author of the study.


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