Director Moamen Andy of the Bell: Dominique Hourani is not what it is said about her, Muhammad Ramadan fell in repetition


The Egyptian director, Moamen Andy, has directed many comic songs, programs and advertisements, he started his career as an assistant director on Egyptian Melody channels, and popular satellite channels, and his experiences continued through advertisements in Egypt and Arab countries, recently he decided to create a project to help beginners in the field of photography, directing and discovering young talents, So he started giving courses online to help those who want to learn this art and do not have money for that, and Andy Moamen is also considered one of the founders of Ultra HD, for artistic production that aims to adopt new talents in singing, poetry, acting and broadcasters, and direct these talents to the right path.

The young director, Moamen Andy, interviewed us, who opened his heart, and answered all our questions as follows:

You interacted with the Lebanese star, Dominique Hourani through two clips, and told us about your experience with her.

  • Dominique Hourani, a beautiful person, and a good person, not as it is said about her, in other words, A stump character, a country girl, not arrogant, and a knowledgeable who is doing what, quiet in its nature and behavior, when photographing her works, she was carrying out the required to the fullest, I think that she is one of the most beautiful artists present in the art scene.

What do you think of the Egyptian series that were shown during Ramadan 2020?

  • There has been a major development in the series industry in the recent period, from the series that I liked most, (to the end), by the artist, Youssef El Sharif, for using techniques that we are not accustomed to before, and also from the selection of his wife, Professor Engy Alaa, and the design of clothes and future expectation and development Photography and directing.
  • But I did not like the (Prince) series, for the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, I was expecting a different work, but I was shocked by a scenario Frequent (injustice, imprisonment, and revenge).

★ Do you dream of dealing with the Egyptian star, Mohamed Ramadan?

  • I hope to work in the future to produce a clip for the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, because he is one of the leading artists in the arena today, and he has an influence with his songs or so-called festivals, and why not direct one of his films or series in an innovative way.

★ While interacting with some artists in Egypt, were you shocked by their personality behind the camera?

  • Never again, I dealt with several artists, including Professor Abdullah Musharraf and Professor Lotfi Labib, the late artist, Mohamed Metwally, the late artist Shaban Abdel Rahim and others, I discovered that they are good, not arrogant, a summit in respect, literature and appreciation.

What are your future plans?

  • In the coming period, I am planning to shoot a short film, which may include some of the famous Youtubeers, and I will start work immediately after preparing the scenario, as I am currently attending many advertisements, in addition to many songs depicted for a number of young stars, throughout the Arab world.

Suleiman Al-Barnawi – Algeria


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