Did Mahmoud Hamida get rid of Karim Kassem in “When We Were Young”?


Yesterday, Wednesday, episode of the series When we were young The killing of “Wael” Karim Qassem, the second character to be killed in the events after “Noha” Nisreen Amin, and it seems that there is one person behind all these crimes, and “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida is considered the closest according to the path of the scenario, but the writer Ayman is still Salama carries surprises that are yet to be revealed.

The conflict in the series “When We Was Young” witnessed the planning of “Yassin” Khaled Al-Nabawi and “Donia”, Reham Hajjaj, on the approval of “Wael” Karim Qassem, to work with “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida in the drug trade, in order to catch him And hand him over to the police, and “Wael” starts the first drug operation in agreement with the police, but “Selim” was smarter than them, and the goods were camera lenses.

“Salim” Mahmoud Hamida, “Wael,” Karim Qassem, is surprised by his visit to his home after he tried to catch him in a drug deal, but Salim involved him in a “lenses” deal, and “Wael” is afraid of “Salim” and expects to get rid of him at any time.

Donia Reham Hajjaj goes to dinner with Yassin Khaled Al-Nabawi, and during that she receives a message on her phone from the number “Wael” Karim Qassem, in which he says that he committed suicide for fear of waiting for death, and they hurry to his apartment and they discover that he was already killed, Did he commit suicide, or did “Salim” get rid of him?

Each person’s motives for killing “Noha” differ from beginning with “Selim” Mahmoud Hamida, who deals in drugs and killing them, can prove the innocence of his help, “Safi”, who is accused of trafficking in cocaine. And his motive to kill her carried him without marriage, and “Yahya” Mahmoud Hegazy is accused of killing her by order of Mahmoud Hamida, who controls him because of his cocaine addiction.

Complementing the circle of doubt, her brother Sheikh Hamid enters that religious man and motivated him to get rid of her disgrace after her pregnancy without marriage, in addition to “Reda” Muhammad Yahya who used to love her and wants to marry her and as soon as he knows of his sinful relationship with “Hassan” get rid of her .

In episode 8 of the series, “Yassin” Khaled Al-Nabawy entered the circle of suspicion by “Donia” Reham Hajjaj because of a history of differences between him and his brother “Hassan” Nabil Issa, who is already accused in the case, and for his refusal to submit an official communication in Selim accuses him of murder.

As for episode 9 of the series, Ayman Salameh dodged the viewers of the series and inserted “Donia”, Reham Hajjaj in the circle of doubt, after a dialogue that took place between them and Khaled Al-Nabawy. The latter said that “Selim” is hiding something dangerous from her ex-wife, “Yahya”, Mahmoud Hegazy. Speaking will cause harm to many, and the innocence of “Hassan” Nabil Issa will appear, and here the features of anxiety appear on the face of “Dunia” as if it carries a secret that may reveal the perpetrator, and thus the author Ayman Salama and director Mohamed Ali continue to elude the viewer and make him doubt all Characters.

The series “When We Was Young” is shown daily, on the DMC channel at 9:30 pm, on the Al-Hayat channel at 10:15 pm, and on the Egyptian Channel 1 at 11 pm .

The series “When We Were Young” starring Reham Hajjaj, Khaled Al Nabawi, Mahmoud Hamida, Nesreen Amin, Nabil Issa, Hany Adel, Karim Qassem, Mahmoud Hegazy, Menna Fadhali and Ashraf Zaki , Hassan Abdullah, Abdul Rahim Hassan, and Imad Rashad, and Hala Al-Saeed, written by Ayman Salama and directed by Muhammad Ali.


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