Details of a Corona virus patient suicide inside Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya


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A patient with coronavirus committed suicide, by throwing himself from the fourth floor inside the Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya, as a result of his poor psychological state, and preliminary investigations and investigations showed that the deceased entered the quarantine several days ago to receive treatment after the tests proved he was infected with corona, and from the examination of the corpse, there were various fractures in the body.

The security services received a notification from the director of the Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya, stating that a patient with a Coronavirus had committed suicide, who had thrown himself from the fourth floor after his psychological condition, after he was infected with the Coronavirus.

The security services moved and cordon was imposed around the corpse until it was examined and an indication of whether there was a criminal similarity or not, and the surveillance cameras present in the hospital are being examined.

The investigation authorities moved to the hospital to hear the statements of witnesses and hospital officials about the incident.

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