Deaths rise in Kuwait, Iraq … and Abu Dhabi to isolation


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the registration of 7 deaths and 851 new infections with the Corona virus. The ministry said in a statement that the number of injuries rose to 27043, including 212 deaths, and 11,386 recoveries.In turn, Qatar recorded two deaths, 1,648 cases of the virus and 4,441 recoveries. The Qatari Ministry of Health said in a statement that the total number of injuries rose to 56,910, including 38 deaths.
In the UAE, the Ministry of Health stated that it recorded two deaths and 661 injuries, in addition to the recovery of 386 patients, bringing the total number of injuries to 34,557, including 264 deaths, and 17,932 cases of recovery.
In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 23 deaths and 1877 injuries, in addition to the recovery of 442 patients. The ministry said, in a statement, that the total number of injuries rose to 85,261, of which 503 were deaths and 62,242 cases of recovery.
For its part, Iraq recorded 10 deaths, 260 new infections, bringing the total number of injuries to 6,439, including 205 deaths, and 3,156 cases of recovery.

New restrictions in Abu Dhabi … and Emirates Airlines lay off employees
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest in the United Arab Emirates, has tightened the procedures for closure, and announced a week-long ban on transfers to and from it and its main areas, as of June 2.
In a related context, Emirates Airlines announced the termination of services for a group of its team members, due to the effects of Corona on the aviation industry.
“The decision came after reviewing all possible scenarios to maintain the level of its operations,” the company said in a statement. The statement did not clarify the number of jobs that the company would give up.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated airline losses in the Middle East region from revenues at 24 billion dollars, while lost jobs in the sector amounted to about 1.2 million jobs.

Opening of Saudi mosques
The mosques of Saudi Arabia, the most important of which are the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, have returned to the worshipers to perform the first dawn prayers after a closure of more than two months, according to what the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced.
The spokesman for the General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs, Jamaan Al-Asiri, confirmed the continued suspension of entry to the honorable kindergarten in the mosque, and the promotion of worshipers entering the Prophet’s Mosque with no more than 40% of the capacity.
Al-Asiri pointed out that specific doors should be allocated to the worshipers, and putting thermal detection cameras on the doors designated for entry, in addition to lifting the carpets of expansions and squares in full, provided that prayer is on marble, washing and sterilizing the floors of the Prophet’s Mosque and its courtyards after each prayer.
The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance also confirmed the end of all preparations for the opening of more than 90,000 mosques and mosques in various regions of the Kingdom, except for mosques located in the holy city of Makkah.
Precautionary measures include using masks, bringing in a personal prayer mat, and avoiding shaking hands. The authorities do not allow the elderly, children under 15 years old, and those with chronic diseases to go to mosques.


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