Deadly viruses may strike Earth from Mars


Corona may sound like a science fiction plot, but NASA and some scientists have expressed concern about alien viruses that may contaminate the planet, and experts warn that protocols are necessary to prevent off-planet pollutants from returning aboard spaceships and astronauts upon return. Back home from the Red Planet.

Scott Hubbard, professor of aviation and space science at Stanford, said in an interview, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the solution is “to protect the planets.”

He stressed that mechanical systems will have to undergo a mixture of chemical cleaning and sterilization, while tubes containing Mars samples need to be treated “as if the Ebola virus were to prove their safety.”

Hubbard also suggests that astronauts should be quarantined once they reach our planet, as did the first men who visited the moon on the Apollo mission.

Experts warn of the need to establish protocols to prevent pollutants outside the planet from entering them through spacecraft and astronauts upon their return to their homes.

NASA director Jim Pridenstein announced that NASA aims to place humans on Mars in 2030, and although exciting, the mission could be harmful to Earth if space flight heroes return with strange pollutants from space.

In an interview with Stanford News Hubbard he said: “In my opinion, the science community, the chance that the millions of years old rocks from Mars contain an active life can strike Earth is very low, however, Mars samples returned by NASA will be isolated and treated as If it was an Ebola virus, it would prove safe. ”

Scott Hubbard, a professor of aviation and space science at Stanford, said in an interview that the solution was “to protect the planets.”

The tubes that return with samples on the next March 2020 flight, which are sent with NASA’s persistent message (artist’s impression), must be ‘baked at a high temperature’ that human personnel can interact with

Previous space missions to Mars, such as the first and second Vikings in the mid-1970s, used large-scale missiles that can be sterilized using only extreme heat.

However, now that the rockets are being developed at a low cost in both universities and companies, such as SpaceX, these small vehicles will “be burdened by the cost of protecting the planets.”

Hubbard notes that although heat alone is not sufficient to purify the technology, the combination of process and chemical cleaning may be effective, according to the “Day Seven” newspaper, the tubes that return with samples on board the next March 2020 flight, which sends Presranns Rover from NASA, It must be ‘baked at a high temperature’ with which human staff can interact.

“As for humans, the Apollo astronauts have been isolated from the first lunar missions to ensure that no signs of disease appear, to protect against posterior pollution, there is a great effort” to break the chain of contact between the returning spacecraft and Mars rock samples, he said.


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