De Bruyne justifies players’ fears of a Premier League resumption



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Sunday 3 May 2020 – 2:03 PM
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Sunday 3 May 2020 – 2:03 PM

Belgian Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne believes his team can return to training in two weeks and that the Premier League season will continue despite the Corona virus crisis.

Speaking to the Belgian newspaper, “Hit Latte News”, de Bruyne, 28, expected to complete the remaining matches in the Premier League, unlike what happened in the leagues in France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

De Bruyne said about it: “I feel that we will be able to return to training again in two weeks. The government wants football to return as soon as possible, but the matches will take place without an audience, I think.”

“The financial aspect is very important for the Premier League, and there will be serious problems if the season is not completed,” the Belgian added.

De Bruyne noted that his City colleague, Sergio Aguero, said last week that he was afraid to return.

“I don’t think they fear for themselves but for their families,” de Bruyne said. “This is the problem for many. Everyone will be examined once they return to the stadiums again.”

Due to infection, De Bruyne performed very well before the games were interrupted.

And he added: “When the league wheel returns to turn, I will not consider it an extension of the season, but rather the start of a new season.”

“I have not stopped for such a long time throughout my career, but I do not see this as a big issue. Those in charge of things are working and I will accept everything they say and decide,” he said.

De Bruyne pointed out that the decision of coach Martinez to stay with the Belgian national team is a logical step given the postponement of the European Championship 2020 until next year because of the health crisis.

“If the European Championships were to be held this year, Martinez might have moved elsewhere. But we have a project that is not yet complete and it makes no sense for the coach to leave the team now,” de Bruyne said.


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