Data breach of 9 million users in an attack on “EasyJet” airline


Data breach of 9 million users in an attack on “EasyJet” airline

HeavyJet company may incur a heavy fine (Nielsenstedt / getty)
Data breach 9 million users in an attack on an airline

May 19

Company said “EasyJetLow-cost British airline EasyJet, today, Tuesday, hackers have hacked into the email and travel details of nearly nine million customers, as well as credit card data for more than 2,000 of them in a “very complex” attack.
This means that the company, which has suspended most of its flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is fighting a long battle with its founder and largest shareholder, may incur a heavy fine.”Since we learned about the incident, it has become clear that there are increasing concerns about the use of personal data in Internet fraud, with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said EasyJet CEO Johann Lundgren. “As a result, and on the recommendation of the Information Commissioner’s office, we communicate with these clients and advise them to exercise extra caution, especially when receiving unsolicited correspondence.”

EasyJet said that there does not appear to be any misuse of personal data. The company stated that it had contacted prominent criminal experts to investigate the matter. It also notified the Office of the Information Commissioner and the National Internet Security Center.(Reuters)

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