Dalida Khalil succeeds in the series “The Secret” and receives positive feedback – Al-Benaa Newspaper


Published actress Lebanese Dalida Khalil picture to her Revealed From During it About Success Real about to her, And that On Her account The private On One Sites Communication Social.

She commented Dalida On Picture Saying: «Success Not plenty Clap From The audience, It is not at plenty Followers, Success Real that Know Allah Glory be to Him That you are Rather You want His satisfaction And ask His illnesses».

And she was may be She crossed Dalida Khalil About Her happiness The big one Because Received it reverberation Positive On Display The second From Her series «Secret».

She wrote Dalida On Her account The private: «happy Echoes The positive From Display The second one From a series «Secret» And proud Interact Great Of you thank God Eat Shi».


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