Daily use of the Microsoft Times platform increases by 70%


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the daily use of the Microsoft Times video meeting platform jumped 70 percent. Nadila revealed, during an interview with investors, that the use of the platform has increased to more than 75 million active users daily.

The company explained that the platform saw 200 million participants in the meeting in one day this month.

And the competition platform “Zoom” has announced that it witnessed 300 million participants in the meetings earlier this month, which means that the two companies are more closely related than it seemed.

Nadila pointed out that two-thirds of “TIMS” users also interact with files within the application, or cooperate with them, and that “it has witnessed three times the number of institutions that integrate applications with TIMS.”

Microsoft also has 258 million paid subscribers to Office 365 desktop services, which includes access to TIMS.

The Verde Tech website estimates that nearly 30 percent of paid Office 365 users use TIMS, and the company still has a long way to go to persuade its user base to move to its platform.


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