Criticism of the series, “Umm Haroun,” and the Kuwaiti Minister of Information, orders his suspension. House of Life


The social media pages on Friday caused a widespread uproar over the news of the stopping of the Kuwaiti series Umm Haroun, the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, as the series was widely criticized for what they described as paving the way for normalization with Israel, glorifying its entity and distorting historical facts.

The masses of the media launched a radio attack, and launched campaigns urging viewers to boycott the series of Umm Haroun, and the campaign bore the name of “malicious drama infiltrating every home .. boycott the series of Umm Haroun”.

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In the same context, Kuwaiti MP Osama Shaheen expressed, in a video clip, his rejection of Arab normalization with Israel, where he thanked the Kuwaiti media for the decision to cancel the statement of the Umm Haroun series, as these actions do not provide the Kuwaiti state with any connection.

Kuwaiti Minister of Information Muhammad Al-Jabri decided to form an investigation committee to study the dramas shown on Kuwait TV during Ramadan In terms of the idea of ​​the text, its content, and the pictured scenes, he stressed the need to review heritage works, in terms of correct history and sound tone.

According to local Kuwaiti media, she said that Kuwaiti television, by order of the Emir of Kuwait, stops the presentation of the series Umm Haroun, where the series “Umm Haroun” tells the story of a Jewish doctor in the 1940s, and the challenges facing her family and the Jewish community in the Gulf states.

In turn, the author of the Kuwaiti series Umm Haroun, “Mohamed Shams”, commented on the criticisms of the series, saying: The goal is to show how people were living with each other, and how they were loving each other. Conflicts and problems exist in every time and in every religion, but our main goal is to show coexistence in that time. “

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Shams categorically denied that “normalization with Israel” was one of the goals of the Umm Haroun series, indicating that the “Palestine issue” does not accept controversy, noting that people ruled over the series of Umm Haroun before watching the work even, and added: There is nothing of This way, our approach is not political, and we do not want to be washed away. Issue Palestine It is the cause of all Arabs, so we have no orientation towards normalization. “


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