Corona Virus: What is the story of the Chinese laboratory accused by Trump of spreading the epidemic?


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Trump holds China responsible for the spread of the Corona virus

A fierce media war between the US administration and China is raging around the source of the Covid-19 virus, also known as the new corona virus.

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have accused the Chinese government of long covering up the scale of the spread of infection and the severity of the virus. They also said that there are many intelligence reports indicating that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Virus Laboratory.

China responded to the US accusations by saying that President Trump was trying to cover up his administration’s failure to confront the virus and take appropriate measures.

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This institute includes the laboratory that Trump is responsible for spreading the Corona virus

No one knows how this virus, found in a particular type of bat, that was found in Hunan (horseshoe keeper), passed on to humans. There is a theory that talks about the transmission of the virus from the bat to the civet cat and from it to humans. It is reported that this type of bat lives in deep caves and in difficult areas in China that are difficult to reach.

Conflicting novels

There is another account that talks about the infection of a female researcher in the laboratory with the virus and her transmission to her life partner later.

It is worth noting that this laboratory is studying the transmission of deadly viruses from animals to humans since it entered service five years ago.

Most Western intelligence services denied a novel that the virus was produced by the laboratory and had been deliberately leaked from it.

“He has no reason to believe that the virus was deliberately spreading,” Pompeo, who was CIA director before taking up his current post, said on May 3, in an interview with the American ABC channel, but added: “Remember, China has a history of spreading infection worldwide. , And has a long track record in managing labs that do not meet the required safety standards.

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The horseshoe bat is the source of the Corona virus

Pompeo added: “This is not the first time that our world has been exposed to viruses as a result of errors in a Chinese laboratory and while the intelligence services continue to do their work on this issue and investigate it until we have clear answers, I can tell you that there is a great deal of evidence that confirms that the source of this virus It is Wuhan Laboratory. ”

It is reported that the virus that caused SARS was sourced from China. He moved from animal to human, too.

Washington’s allies are cautious about creating Corona in a lab


There is almost unanimity that the source of the virus is the city of Wuhan in central China, as most scientists believe that the virus moved from the bat to another animal and from it to humans and speculation revolves that the intermediate animal is Pangulin, which made the world focus on the meat and vegetable market in the city where it is sold Various types of wild animals for eating.

The Chinese government version says that the virus has spread to humans in this market, but China does not provide scientific evidence for this. The blackout imposed by China on the spread of the virus in the first weeks of its spread and the strict control of all information related to the infection raised further doubts about the source of the virus and how it spread.

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The Chinese authorities have expelled many foreign journalists who have been dealing with this pandemic and are trying to obtain answers to many of the questions raised by world public opinion.

There is full information about the institute, which includes the laboratory, on its website. China is a one-party state and is ruled by the Communist Party with an iron fist. Therefore, what is announced to the public opinion, whether it is related to this institute or others, does not necessarily reflect the reality and must be viewed with some suspicion. It raises fears at home or abroad.

The institute cooperates with more foreign agencies, including French laboratories, and receives financial assistance from the US government, and Trump stopped it a few days ago.

Chinese media: Pompeo is “a liar” and does not accept the rise of China

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Officials at Wuhan Animal Market

The institute includes the first Chinese laboratory to guarantee fourth-degree biological safety according to the international classification, meaning that the laboratory is qualified to conduct studies on viruses and other highly pathogenic and dangerous microorganisms on other organisms, and there are no medicines available for treatment or vaccines against them. The laboratory was studying the Coronavirus, which had transmitted from this city to the entire world at an unprecedented speed.

France designed and funded the construction of this laboratory, at a cost of $ 44 million, and opened in 2015. Most of the cadres working in the laboratory received training in France, and the laboratory has relationships with its like from laboratories around the world. It is the only laboratory of its kind in the whole of China, as few countries own this type of laboratory.

Among the conditions that must be met in such laboratories are the air filtration from which it comes out and the treatment of the water that comes out before it is put into the sewage network. Laboratory personnel must take a bath and change their clothes before entering it and before leaving it.

The atmosphere of “cold war” between America and China due to the Corona virus

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Japan built the first laboratory of this kind in 1981, but it did not deal with very dangerous viruses until 2015 after achieving the required safety conditions.

The British scientific journal Nesher said in a lengthy report in the February 2017 issue on the eve of the opening of the laboratory that many of its staff underwent training in a similar laboratory in Lyon, France, which somewhat reassures the commitment of the cadres to the required safety and security standards and wear special clothes that isolate the person from the ocean by One hundred percent.

However, the British Journal drew attention to concerns about the presence of this laboratory in China. It quoted a researcher at the American University of Rutgers, Richard Ebright, as saying that several incidents of SARS leakage occurred at a facility subject to strict safety measures in the capital, Beijing.

Tim Travan, founder of the Chrome Safety and Biosecurity Consulting Company based in the US state of Maryland, says freedom and openness is very important to achieving safety and security conditions in such laboratories, which is a matter of great suspicion in China, which is ruled by a highly centralized system. China plans to build an additional number of these laboratories across China to test vaccines for new diseases.

Ebright questions China’s need for more such laboratories and believes that China is seeking to keep pace with the United States and Europe, which also do not need this large number of such laboratories, but that governments will see that this large number of these facilities can be used to develop biological weapons.

Old fears

It appears that American concerns about the extent to which the laboratory meets the required safety and security conditions go back to previous years. The Washington Post last month published a report in which it indicated that US diplomats in China made repeated visits to the laboratory in early 2018, after which the diplomats sent telegrams to officials in Washington in which they expressed concern about the low safety measures used in the laboratory.

And one of the telegrams drew the attention of the administration to the concerns related to the research carried out by the laboratory about the bat, the source of the Corona virus, and the risks of transmission of this virus to humans, which threatens a disaster similar to the SARS pandemic.

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Scientist Chi Zhengli is inside the laboratory

The telegrams highlighted the research conducted by researcher Zheng Li Zhi, who found a coronavirus in a type of bat in a remote cave in Hunan Province in 2004 and the risks this research poses due to the laboratory’s failure to adhere to appropriate safety and security measures.

Less than two years after these visits, we are facing the Corona Virus pandemic, which the world has never seen before in terms of the prevalence and the economic losses it caused.


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