Corona Virus: The President of Tanzania pledges to import a herbal drink purportedly treating the epidemic


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This drink is promoted in Madagascar as it treats the Coronavirus

The President of Tanzania has said that he will send a plane to Madagascar to import a herbal drink that is allegedly treating the Coronavirus.

The President of the Republic of the Congo also pledged to import the same drink.

This product is made from wormwood, from which the active ingredient of malaria drugs is extracted.

But the World Health Organization confirmed that there is no evidence that this drink treats the Corona virus, warning against receiving treatment without medical supervision.

The product was launched on the market as “Covid-Organics” and promotes its use in the treatment of the epidemic virus after testing it in a few cases, not exceeding twenty cases for three weeks, according to statements made by Lofa Haciinerina Ranoromaru, senior assistant to the President of Madagascar, to the BBC.

The World Health Organization sent a statement sent a copy of it to the BBC on Covid Organics, during which it confirmed that it does not recommend “treatment without medical supervision, whatever the drug used in the prevention or treatment of Covid 19”.

The International Organization stressed, in previous statements by its director, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, that “there are no short cuts to find an effective remedy to combat the Corona virus.”

This comes amid experiments being conducted worldwide to find an effective treatment for the epidemic, according to the World Health Organization.

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The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health warned of the alleged drugs for the Corona virus, including herbal and tea treatments, stressing that the best way to prevent the virus is to avoid exposure to it.

John Magofulli, the President of Tanzania, said in a televised interview, that he was already in contact with the government in Madagascar, and would send a plane to the island to bring in the herbal drink allegedly treating the Coronavirus.

“I had contacts with Madagascar, and they sent me a letter stating that they had discovered a drug. We will send a plane to bring this medicine so that the Tanzanians will be able to benefit from it. This is also in addition to the government working day and night in this direction,” Magofolie said.

The President of Tanzania is widely criticized for his response to the Coronavirus.

Magofoley also encouraged citizens to continue to congregate in places of worship amid the closing procedures followed by governments around the world.

The World Health Organization warned that Tanzania’s delay in enforcing restrictions to limit the further spread of the Corona virus could lead to a sharp rise in the number of positive cases.

The number of Corona virus cases in this African country reached 480, while the number of cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo reached 229, in addition to the registration of Madagascar 135 cases.


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