Corona virus may appear the first new “billionaire” after its impact on the global economy


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Russian media revealed today, Friday, that the new epidemic of the Corona virus has contributed to huge economic losses for the world, countries, companies and businessmen, but in return, the sources pointed out that the epidemic may contribute to the creation of new wealthy people who will gain their revolution by benefiting from the same corona spread in the world.

The Russian “Tsargrad” website stated that the new Corona virus does not only intend to break the global economy and change it, but will have the effect of the emergence of other wealthy men who will benefit from the crisis and raise a large wealth of money.

According to the site, experts predicted that the businessman and founder of the “Amazon” company, Jeff Bezos, will become the first trillionaire in the world in only a few years, through his company that sells goods via the Internet, which increased in the epidemic crisis due to the measures and measures taken in Various countries, imposing social divergence and closing shops would contribute to his company’s sales increase and he would become a billionaire by 2026.

Today, Bezos has a fortune of around $ 143 billion, and the epidemic has played an important role in the growth of demand for online purchases, which has doubled the shares of his company, Amazon.


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