Corona Virus: Egypt extends curfew hours and tightens restrictions during Eid al-Fitr


Egypt has imposed precautionary measures since late March to counter the outbreak of the Coronavirus

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Egypt has imposed precautionary measures since late March to counter the outbreak of the Coronavirus

The Egyptian government has taken a precautionary package to reduce the spread of the Corona virus during the Eid al-Fitr period.

The measures include increasing the daily curfew by four hours, disrupting public transportation, and closing shops and public places.

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly announced the decisions that will be applied from next Sunday to Friday (May 29).

Madbouly said that it was decided to extend the curfew date to start from five o’clock in the evening instead of nine in the evening, stop mass transportation, prevent large gatherings, close public places and all shops, stores, restaurants, beaches, parks, and recreational services from next Sunday to the end of the week.

The Egyptian Prime Minister stated that the Eid prayer will not be held in its usual collective form, but rather will be televised and broadcasted from one mosque, after Al-Azhar authorized the performance of prayer at home.

Starting May 30, the procedures will revert to the way they were before the week of Eid, with a night curfew from five in the morning until eight in the evening, according to Madbouly.

He explained that the government aims to reach a state of coexistence with the virus, stressing that there are decisions to gradually return to work and recreational activities and to study the return of religious activity starting from mid-June next, with strict precautions being taken.

The Prime Minister stated that wearing a muzzle will be made compulsory in public places, public transportation and the subway, and the government will announce sanctions for those who do not wear it.

He indicated that the muzzle may be a reusable cloth and not a medical mask.

The Egyptian government has imposed precautionary measures and restrictions on the movement of citizens since late March, aiming to curb the spread of the Corona virus.


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