Corona Virus Denmark hopes to resume the league this month


Friday in Denmark, the Football Association of Denmark hoped to resume the Superliga League season on May 29, according to terms and procedures during which everyone involved is tested novel coronavirus.

“We have always said it is very important to end the current season, but only if this can be done in a logical manner does not put the health system at stake,” said Klaus Thompson, president of the Association (Devijon Forenigen), which includes advanced clubs in Denmark.

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The return of the competitions will be accompanied by health procedures, which still require government approval, knowing that the matches are scheduled to be held behind closed doors.”All the participants (players, coaches, and all team members) will take the Covid-19 test before starting the first stage and continuously during the rest of the season,” Thompson added.

The 2018 Maidtland team is at the top of the 14-team SuperLiga League, with 62 points, 12 points behind its champions in Copenhagen.

Midland invited his fans to watch matches from inside their cars through a giant screen placed in the garage.

There are still two phases at the end of the regular league, before entering the decisive round that separates between six teams competing for the title, and another eight avoid the relegation to the first degree.


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