Corona virus deaths in Latin America exceed 50 thousand



A statistic revealed to “Reuters” on Saturday, that the number of deaths from the Corona virus in Latin America exceeded 50 thousand cases, and that the infections approached one million cases.

The statistics showed that 50105 people died of the virus in Latin America, while the number of infections reached 976425, indicating that Brazil records more than half of these deaths and injuries.

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The agency added that Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru are fighting to contain the spread of the epidemic.

In addition, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported, in a new statistic published on Saturday evening, that the number of confirmed infections of the Corona virus emerging during the past 24 hours increased by 33,274 cases, bringing the total number to the level of 498,440.

This rate represents a record high for cases of coronavirus in Brazil on a daily basis, and comes after it was registered in the country in a statistic on May 27, 20599 cases, on May 28 26417, and on May 29 26928.

The ministry also stated that the number of deaths due to the virus increased during the past day by 956 new cases, bringing the total death toll to 28834 people.

For its part, the authorities in Mexico announced the registration of 2885 new cases of “Covid 19”, bringing the number of injured people in the country to 87,512.

She added that the number of deaths reached 9779, after 364 new deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours.

Source: Reuters


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