Corona virus “biased” in favor of Messi at the expense of Ronaldo!


For more than a decade, beautiful football fans have been accustomed to the great competition in individual titles and achievements between the two stars, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Corona virus may obviously upset the balance in favor of “the flea” in the coming years.

Messi, according to sports experts, may benefit from the age factor in his comparison with Ronaldo about the more affected between them due to the Corona pandemic and its impact on the duo in their football career.

The Argentine magician is younger than Ronaldo, so Messi is now 32 years old, and he will reach his 33 in next June. As for the “Madeira missile”, he is older than 35, and he will reach 36 in February.

Corona virus would deprive the fans of the witch of Ronaldo from the services of Ronaldo for several weeks, and Ronaldo will not be able to go back in history backwards, so there are no rulings. According to “Sport 360”.

On the other hand, the continuation of Ronaldo’s stadiums beyond 36 years will be unrealistic, especially in light of the expected physical decline of the player, so he may go to play in less competitive leagues such as the American League next year or the next after the end of his contract with Juventus.Sport 360 believes that the financial aspects will be in favor of Messi, as most clubs are suffering from economic crises due to the coronary virus pandemic, which means that Ronaldo will not be able to obtain a huge salary as he always desires.

Also, Juventus may find it difficult to pump money into Ronaldo’s treasury, and he may be forced to leave the “old lady” without completing his contract, as happened before with his former team, Real Madrid, who left him because of the desire to obtain a huge salary.

As for Messi in this regard, he still has at least two years for him to become the idea of ​​getting a huge salary is unlikely to happen by the management of his club, Leo can not be rejected at the present time, he is the one who holds the Barcelona team on his shoulders on all occasions.

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