Corona Virus: A government recommendation to wear “face caps” on public transport in England


The government-recommended face caps are homemade because the government wants face masks for health care workers.

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The government-recommended face caps are homemade because the government wants face masks for health care workers.

The British government has urged citizens in England to cover their faces on public transport to reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

A government document – explaining the new public closure rules – indicates that it is advisable to wear face caps in enclosed spaces where it is difficult to adhere to the rules of social separation.

It is the first time that a government recommendation to wear a face mask has been issued in England, but authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland made similar recommendations earlier.

The document comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Sunday a “conditional plan” to start lifting the closure in England because of the Coronavirus. As for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they have their own powers over the general closure, and they have not lifted it to the same degree.

The government released a 50-page document Monday, outlining more details of its plan and timetable to adopt to lift restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

“With large numbers of people going to work, there will be more movement outside of homes,” the guidelines say.

“With the large number of movement, the government advises people to wear face covers in closed places where it is not always possible to adhere to social separation, and they may meet with others they do not usually meet, as happens in public transportation, and in some shops.”

Other countries have established rules to mask face masks.

The document, dubbed “Our Reconstruction Plan: The Government’s Recovery Strategy for Coved-19,” says that face covers can help reduce the risk of transmission in some circumstances.

She clarified that she does not protect the wearer, but rather “the accidental transmission of the disease infection to others if you are infected without showing symptoms.”

The document adds that the face cover is not the same as the face mask, which health care workers wear, “which we must keep for those who need it most.”

As of Wednesday, people will be allowed to meet one person from another house or family outside the home, as long as they are two meters apart and the meeting will take place outside, as the guidelines say.

The group of government medical advisers says the risk of transmission in open spaces is much lower than in closed places, according to the document.

The guidelines also outlined, as the Prime Minister made clear on Sunday in his televised address, the government’s three-step plan.

  • In the first step, which begins Wednesday, May 13, those who cannot work from home should go to work if they are open.
  • In the second step, which will not begin before June 1, nurseries and primary schools will begin to return, in stages. Some companies will be able to reopen their doors, and some sporting events can take place in closed halls.
  • As for the third step, which will not begin before July 4, other companies will be able to open their doors and return to work, but some of their congestion will not be allowed to open their doors.

These dates may be delayed if there is not enough progress in dealing with the virus, and restrictions may be re-imposed, according to the guidelines.

The government may extend its advice to people at medical risk to remain in isolation until after June, the document said.

The document was published at the time when 210 people died in Britain after contracting the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths to 32065 people.


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