Corona .. Trump rejects warnings to ease closure, epidemic affects 5% of Spaniards and French, is accelerating in Brazil


US President Donald Trump called for schools to be opened, and expressed surprise at warnings about the dangers of opening up the economy, and while attempts to devise a treatment for the Corona epidemic continue, infection is rapidly increasing in Mexico, Brazil and other countries.

Trump said he was surprised by the statements made by Anthony Fawcci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to a parliamentary committee on Tuesday, in which he warned of the dangers of opening the economy early, describing Fawci’s answer as unacceptable, especially when it comes to schools.

“The only thing that will be acceptable is if it is related to professors who are over a certain age, this segment can wait for an additional four or five weeks. This is a disease that targets people of a certain age and in a specific health condition,” Trump added.

The US President also stressed in press statements the need for state governors to open the doors of schools again, saying that the impact of the virus on young people is very low.

The United States recorded 1,813 coronavirus deaths within 24 hours, raising the total death toll to 84,059, and the number of infections was 1,389,935.

For his part, Fauchi said during a testimony before Congress that the United States will issue an alert to report any inflammatory syndrome in children related to the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, New York State Governor Andrew Como said that 14 states are investigating strange symptoms that have occurred in a number of children, where three children died in his state after they were suspected of having Corona virus and showed symptoms of an unknown respiratory disease.

For its part, warned the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) the possibility of the death of six thousand children every day in poor countries during the next six months, because of the focus of medical efforts to combat the Corona virus.

A Johns Hopkins University study estimated that more than a million children under the age of five died in 118 countries due to poor health coverage and its focus on fighting corona.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bauer extended the closure of the capital until June 8 after new casualties were registered in Corona, although many areas of the country are gradually reopening.

Trump: The impact of the virus on young people is very low (Reuters)

The French pharmaceutical company “Sanofi” said it plans to make any vaccine it develops to treat the Coronavirus available to all, regardless of nationality, after statements by the company’s director, Paul Hudson, in which he said that the United States will have priority because it was the first to fund the company’s research.

This coincided with the announcement by Russia – the second country in terms of injuries globally – of “promising results” for experiments on a new drug, and the WHO warned that the world had a “long way to go” before it could control Corona.

In Washington, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement that there was an investigation into attacks by US organizations by infiltrators linked to China trying to obtain information related to vaccines, treatments and testing.

The Chinese embassy in Washington condemned the statement, describing it as “lies”.

On the other hand, WHO Director of Epidemic Diseases Sylvie Brian stressed that revealing the origin of the virus is necessary “to understand how it evolves.”

Meanwhile, the spread of the epidemic is increasing worldwide, despite improvement in some countries.

On Wednesday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health recorded a record number of new infections in one day, which is 11,385 injuries, in addition to 749 deaths. This brings the number of injuries to 188,974, to overtake France to France and become the sixth most affected country in the world.

According to a study published by the Spanish government on Wednesday that 5% of the Spanish population was infected with the virus, although this percentage rises to more than 10% in Madrid and regions in the center of the country.

The number of patients there is more than 228,600, and 27,000 deaths have been recorded.

A similar study in France showed that less than 10% of the population contracted the disease in the Paris region and in the northeast of the country, which are the most affected areas in France, compared to 4.4% at the national level.

The number of daily deaths in France fell to 83 today, compared to 348 the day before, and the total number of deaths reached 27,074.

On Wednesday, the government of Bulgaria declared a state of epidemic until the middle of next June, as an alternative to the general emergency imposed in mid-March.

In Turkey, the Minister of Health Fakhruddin Kujah announced that his country has controlled the pandemic, as the country has been witnessing stable improvement since the fifth week of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Turkey recorded 1639 new cases, bringing the total to 143,114, and the death toll rose to 3,952, after recording 58 new deaths.

The Mexican Ministry of Health confirmed that 1,862 new infections had been recorded on Wednesday, along with 294 new deaths, bringing the confirmed cases to 40,186, and deaths to 4220.

In Qatar, the Council of Ministers announced that all citizens and residents should be required to wear masks when leaving the house for any reason.

The death toll in the UAE increased to 206 after recording 3 new cases, while Bahrain recorded a new death, raising the total to 10 deaths.

On Thursday morning, Sudan announced the registration of 10 new deaths, bringing the total to 90 cases, as well as 157 injuries, bringing the total to 1818 cases.

The Mauritanian Ministry of Health also announced six new infections, bringing the total to 15.

Morocco recorded 94 new infections, bringing the total in the country to 6,512.


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