Corona spoils Saleh Jumah’s plan to rescind his contract with Al-Ahly


Corona’s plot spoiled Saleh Jumaa, the Al-Ahly midfielder, to flee his club at the end of the current season, and move to any other club in or outside Egypt for free, although his contract is extended with the Red Team for two coming seasons.

A source close to Saleh Jumaa confirmed that the player was intending to benefit from not participating in more than 5% in Al-Ahly matches this season, which would have given him the right to cancel his contract with Al-Ahly unilaterally according to the rules and laws of the International Federation FIFA, which was confirmed to him by the private lawyer In him, as well as more departments of a club who had entered into negotiations with him to transfer him to one of them if he left the Red Fort.

The Corona epidemic, which caused the cessation of football activity in Egypt and the world, to spoil the plan of Saleh Jumaa in the event that the season is not completed, at the time the administration learned Al-Ahly With the player’s plan and it was agreed to resolve the situation by pushing him in some matches to achieve the percentage, in case the sport activity resumes during the coming period.

Saleh Juma’s file is at the forefront of the club’s planning committee’s discussions with Feiler, and the Swiss coach’s attitude towards Saleh Juma is clear, as the player has never participated since taking over, and he has confirmed on more than one occasion that Saleh Juma will not return to his accounts entirely, given his lack of commitment to technical instructions from On the one hand, and his lack of commitment outside the stadium, on the other hand, which negatively affects his performance on the field.


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