Corona shakes the military court .. infected a number of soldiers with the virus!


The journalist Salem Zahran announced on his Twitter account that “five members of the Lebanese army, who are performing their services in the Beirut Military Court, were infected with the Corona virus yesterday. It will conduct tests for all elements of the” service. “Zahran added: “Let what happened with the drawing of the Ministry of Education before the return of the school year again, so that students not be drawn from the same cup at the time, will not benefit remorse !!”.

In this context, a military source in the army confirmed to “Al-Nahar” that “there are cases of corona in the military police company in the military court, and the number is not final, because the final pcr result will be issued tomorrow, Sunday, to know the final number.” He added that “the institution has taken the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic among its ranks and among family members.”


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