Corona revives a thousand-year-old mill


Ashraf Abdel Aziz, the lawyer of the artist Ramiz Jalal, told Al Hurra that the administrative ruling issued on Tuesday did not surprise him because this is the natural thing that should happen.

The lawyer added that they used to face these issues five years ago with every new version of the program, because of its achievement of record viewing rates.

In response to the position of the media union in Egypt to stop the emergence of Ramez Jalal, Ashraf Abdel Aziz said that “the nature of the program provided by Ramez is entertaining and cannot be classified within the media programs, and therefore it is not subject to the authority of the media union,” adding that he filed a lawsuit against the union’s decision, and it is expected that It will be judged at the end of this month.

Egyptian judiciary rejects claims to stop the Ramez program

The Administrative Judicial Court had rejected two court cases that demanded that the Supreme Media Council be required to stop broadcasting the program.

The court supported the continuation of the program’s broadcast, and decided to refer the cases to the State Commissioners Authority to prepare a report of its legal opinion.

The court relied on its ruling that “the Supreme Media Council is entrusted with the imposition of sanctions on the Egyptian media, and since the channel on which the program is presented is not Egyptian, then the council has no authority over it.”

The court also stated that the right to freedom of expression is of the utmost importance in any democratic society, and that any restriction to the exercise of this right must meet strict criteria to justify it.

The ruling also stated that “by watching some episodes, the court did not find that any of them would violate the requirements of Egyptian national security or that it would incite discrimination or violence.”

The court said that this program “is nothing more than an artistic work in which the presenter exercises some jokes with the guest, and the episode is almost finished, and the guest has authorized what was presented to him.”

A history of judicial disputes

This ruling is not the first about the program. The Administrative Judicial Court issued a similar ruling last year, in which it decided to reject the lawsuit that demanded the suspension of the program, but what is striking in this year’s ruling is that it is based on freedom of opinion and expression.

The Administrative Judicial Court also ruled in 2014 that the channel be obliged not to broadcast the episode of Artist Athar Al-Hakim after a suit filed by the artist and stated that she did not agree to appear on the program and that the prank was done without her knowledge and consent.

Media Captain: We continue to take our legal measures

Media captain Tariq Sa`dah told Al-Hurra that the union is continuing to take its legal measures against the presenter of the program, Ramez Jalal, and has reported to the Attorney General due to the failure to implement its decision issued by him to stop the emergence of Ramez in the program, based on the fact that the artist is not bound by the media union and did not issue a permit to practice the work Informative.

Saadah added that Ramiz may be subject to imprisonment or a fine, and according to Article 88 of the Syndicate Law, he shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine for practicing the profession without membership or permission, explaining that the problem of the union is not with the content of the program but in the work permit that any Egyptian provider must obtain for any program .

Saada also affirmed to Al-Hurra that all Ramadan program providers obtained a permit before broadcasting these programs, including artists and directors.

Wide rejection of the program content

The problem of the program went beyond legal and administrative disputes, to reach an explicit rejection by psychiatry. The Mental Health Hospital in Abbasia, the largest government hospital of its kind in Egypt, issued a statement.

The director of Al-Abbasiya Hospital explained that the name of the program “Ramiz Majnoon Rasmi” insults the mental illness and the psychiatric patients, and increases the stigma of mental illness for them.

A media statement from the Abbasid Psychiatric Hospital
A media statement from the Abbasid Psychiatric Hospital

The statement added that the program has a negative impact on the behaviors of its viewers, especially children, and leads to the spread of behaviors such as narcissism, sadism and bullying in society.

The National Council for Women, in turn, lodged a complaint with the Supreme Media Council, demanding that the program be stopped based on insulting to the woman, bullying her, and belittling her.

A number of deputies submitted questions and requests for briefing because of the content of the program. Member of Parliament and Chairman of Zamalek Club Mortada Mansour threatened to sue Ramez because of the ridicule of the club, and he deducted an amount from the dues of one of the players because of his appearance as a guest in the program.

The Supreme Media Council anticipated the court’s ruling and announced in a statement a few days ago that it does not have the authority to stop the program, and demanded that the channel reconcile its legal conditions to work in Egypt.

While mbc network defended the program and stated that “dumps programs are a well-known entertainment form in the world and the Ramiz program takes into account legal considerations and obtains the approval of the guests to broadcast the episodes”, as it achieves high viewing rates on all platforms that are broadcasted via space and electronically.

Simulation of the program began to appear

Al-Hurra website is a simulation of the program that was published through video clips on social networking sites, implemented by teens, who document one of them in a chair and practice various insults against him, from hitting, pouring water and oil, and Al-Hurra apologizes for publishing these videos due to its violent content.


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