Corona: New York governor seeks the help of police, and Britain is heading for the worst European


The New York State Governor ordered the police to intervene to apply social divergence in light of a division in the United States over the timing of ending the global stone imposed to combat the Corona epidemic, while the number of confirmed cases globally exceeded 3.4 million cases.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, whether in terms of the number of injuries or deaths, and New York is considered the epidemic center in the country, where alone recorded more than 18 thousand deaths from the disease.

He said New York State Governor Andrew Como told a news conference Saturday that he had ordered the police to apply the rules for social separation, while the state recorded a slight rise in the daily death toll of 299 deaths.

“I told law enforcement officials across the state to enforce the muzzle enforcement,” Como said, according to US Bloomberg Network.

“This is recklessness and indifference, and it is not about your life, but the lives of others,” he added, commenting on demonstrators taking to the streets without gags to demand the reopening of the state.

Como explained that New York would not accelerate with other states that decided to end or reduce measures of universal stone for businesses, schools and social activities.

A split about stone finish
Como said he opposes “premature” demands to reopen New York, noting that he understands the suffering of people in the absence of jobs, but he stressed the need to understand Corona virus more.

Georgia and Texas are leading the resumption of commercial activities that have been closed because of the pandemic and are beginning to reopen in part. Governors of the two states and governors of many other states where the impact of the Corona virus has been less than others are under pressure to allow people to return to their jobs, while government data released days ago showed that 30 million Americans have requested unemployment benefits since March 21.

Globally, the total number of confirmed cases of “Covid-19” disease caused by the emerging coronavirus has risen to more than 3.4 million, of which more than 243 thousand have died, recovering million and 92 thousand, according to the statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

British mortality rises
In Europe, attention is turning to Britain, as cases of HIV infection and death continue to rise, which may push it to overtake Spain and Italy, to be the worst affected by the epidemic in the old continent.

In its latest statistics, Britain recorded 621 new deaths from the disease, bringing the total number to 28,131 deaths, a few hundred differences from the total deaths in Italy, which reached 28710, which is the largest European.

In terms of the number of confirmed cases, Britain recorded about 184 thousand cases, compared to about 217 thousand cases in Spain, which has the largest number of injuries in Europe.

Saudi Arabia isolates the Dammam area
On the Arab level, the official Saudi Press Agency said that the authorities will isolate an industrial zone in the eastern city of Dammam from Sunday to another notice to limit the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The agency quoted an official at the Ministry of the Interior that operations will be allowed to transport goods to and from the area, known as the second industrial city. She added that the vital factories inside the city will work for one third of their capacity.


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