Corona Lebanon .. The alarm is ringing again


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The rise in the number of injuries in the past two days has spoiled the mood of reassurance that prevailed in the past two weeks, imposing a new level of preparedness that could lead to the country closing again. While some expatriates were blamed The rebels “against domestic quarantine, the facts impose a division of responsibilities between the authorities responsible for monitoring the quarantine, as well as other factors that may enhance Lebanon’s vulnerability to a second wave of the epidemic.

In the past two days, the features of the bad scenario have emerged with 49 injuries recorded (13 cases on Saturday and 36 cases yesterday), 34 of which belong to residents and 15 among expats..

In principle, the rise of the injury meter was expected with the return of about 8,500 expatriates since the fifth of last April. This increase would have been acceptable had it been limited to recording injuries among arrivals, which means that the epidemiological curve remains “under control”. However, it was the residents’ injuries recorded that sounded the alarm.

In isolation from this discussion, other factors raise fears of the continuation of this scenario, the most prominent of which is the evident evasion in the past ten days from the mobilization measures, and the gatherings that the country witnessed from demonstrations and from an “attack” on markets and shops. In other words, the residents, in turn, bear part of the responsibility in the coming days if the meter continues to rise.

Also, questions arise regarding the seriousness of monitoring the implementation of the conditions that accompanied the reopening of the country, as well as questions related to the feasibility of the tests that were conducted in the regions and the criteria on which they were based (in light of the Minister’s recognition that 85% of Lebanese are vulnerable to the epidemic without symptoms). These are all factors that make it difficult not to limit responsibility to expatriates, and to pay attention to the deficiencies that surround the crisis management mechanism that may linger in the coming days..

These new data imposed an atmosphere of preparedness, which was reversed by the beginning of Health Minister Hamad Hassan, when he expressed his fear of the return of the injuries, and suggested the government’s request to close the country two days if the results remain high during the next 24 hours. The level of alert was also translated, with the Minister of Interior and Municipalities taking a decision to prevent going out and entering the streets between 7 pm and 5 am.


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