Corona deaths in Brazil overtake France … global recovery accelerated and anticipated a Chinese vaccine at the end of the year


Brazil has become the fourth country with the highest mortality rate from the emerging Corona virus. This comes as the speed of recovery from the virus accelerated globally, as Chinese vaccines awaited before the end of the year.

Brazil counted 28,834 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health reported on Saturday, ahead of France, which has so far calculated 28,771 deaths.

956 people died of coronavirus in 24 hours in Brazil, which also saw a record number of infections of 26,928 within one day, taking the total since the start of the epidemic to 465,166 infections.

After recording these numbers, the five countries most affected by the virus are: the United States, Britain, Italy, Brazil and France.

The latest figures indicate that the outbreaks of the new Corona virus exceeded the six million mark, of which about 368 thousand died.

In contrast, the pace of recovery has accelerated globally. According to the WorldMeter website, which specializes in detecting corona virus victims, the number of people recovering from the virus worldwide has exceeded 2.7 million.

The United States recorded the largest number of recoverers, as it reached 523 thousand and 62, then Spain 196 thousand and 958, then Brazil 193 thousand and 181, then Russia 167 thousand and 469, then Germany 164 thousand and 900.

Italy came in sixth place with 155,633, then Turkey 126,984, then Iran 116,827, then India 86,896, then China 78,302.

According to the same site, the total number of injuries worldwide reached 6 million and 65 thousand and 779, while the number of deaths reached 367 thousand and 528.

For his part, the Pope of the Vatican called Francesco politicians in the world to direct the money spent on weapons to research fields to prevent another pandemic.

This came during his leadership of the largest gathering in the Vatican for nearly three months, as he presided over an open-air mass attended by about 130 people, including many who were directly affected by the Corona virus.

Statistics and procedures in the countries of the region

In Iraq, the Crisis Cell, headed by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, decided to impose a comprehensive ban in all parts of the country for a week, starting from Sunday, to face the threat of an outbreak of the Corona virus in the country.

The committee issued a number of decisions, including obligating the security forces to tighten their procedures within the popular areas to prevent all forms of gatherings, and obliging individuals to wear masks in the event of an emergency exit. The decisions also included the disruption of all government institutions, with the exception of health departments, security agencies and service departments.

In Yemen, the government announced on Saturday evening that it had recorded 12 deaths from the Corona virus, in the highest daily death toll from the virus since its appearance in the country on April 10.

In Egypt, Saturday, 1367 new infections and 34 deaths were recorded in the highest daily death toll since the outbreak began, up from 1289 on Friday.
On Friday, Egypt had also recorded 34 deaths from the Corona virus, the highest daily death toll in the country to date.

Also on Saturday, Qatar recorded 2,355 new injuries and 5,235 cases of recovery.
On the other hand, the Turkish authorities issued a circular on Saturday providing for easing restrictions imposed by the Corona virus on public facilities and places such as restaurants, cafes, parks, clothing markets and beaches.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Kara Ismailoglu, has announced the resumption of domestic flights starting from the beginning of next June, as part of steps to reduce the measures taken to counter the spread of the Coruna virus.

The number of people recovering from the virus in Turkey today, today, rose to 126,984, following the recovery of 1,021 cases.

Vaccine and treatment

In China, the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee said a Chinese vaccine to prevent corona virus would be ready by the end of this year.

The committee noted on social media that more than two thousand people are participating in vaccine experiments developed by the Wuhan Institute and the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, indicating that there may be a vaccine ready for the market at the end of this year or early next year.

In this context, the drug “Anakinra”, intended for rheumatic diseases, gave “encouraging” results in treating acute forms of Covid-19, by reducing the risk of death and the need for a respirator in intensive care, according to a French study.


Meanwhile, three scientists advised the British government that Covid-19 is still spreading very quickly in the country, not allowing the restrictions of public isolation to be lifted, and one of them described the decision as political.

England will begin easing the isolation procedures gradually starting on Monday, as it will allow no more than six people to gather in open spaces, and the primary schools will open their doors for some classes.

The government said that it hoped that the application of a new system – through which it would require those in contact with confirmed cases to isolate themselves – would contain the virus and assist the country in returning to its activities.

But the director of the Wellcome Trust for Research and a member of the Scientific Emergency Advisory Group said he agreed with his colleague John Edmonds that “Covid-19 is spreading too quickly, not to allow the general isolation to be lifted in England.”

More than 48,000 people have died from corona infection in Britain, making it among the most affected countries in the world.

On the other hand, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said today, Saturday, that mosques will open their doors again to pray daily throughout the country, although some regions are experiencing high rates of infection with the Corona virus.

Rouhani pointed out that his country has made great progress in fighting Corona thanks to the measures taken and the return of the transportation infrastructure to normal.


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