Consumer protection calls for not buying high-priced goods


Amman – Petra – The National Society for Consumer Protection called on citizens, especially housewives, to be properly prepared to face the burden of the holiday and not to rush to buy and only buy what they need according to the purchasing power of the family and to avoid buying high-priced goods.

The president of the society, Dr. Muhammad Obaidat, said in a statement today, Sunday, that the rational determination of what will be purchased for the feast requirements before heading to the markets is the basis for rationalizing or controlling expenses, calling for writing what must be bought in the list and careful in the shopping process by reading all the data Stabilized on goods, especially the expiration date of foodstuffs, and not buying in large quantities, because goods are available in the market in sufficient quantities.

He added that families should pay attention to the prices of goods, the extent of their compatibility with the purchasing power of the family, and whether they are necessary goods and do not constitute a financial burden on the family, and the possibility of delaying the purchase of some of them until after the Eid period, due to the exceptional difficult circumstances that we are going through, noting that Some sellers and monopolists raise the prices of goods, taking advantage of the need of families in occasions, especially the holidays.

He appealed to the housewives’ slaves to manufacture Eid sweets at home to alleviate the financial burden on the family, calling on consumers to adhere to the general safety conditions announced by government and private health agencies related to the Corona virus when going out to shop, and to stay as far as possible from each other, wearing masks and gloves, using sterilizers and not Entering places where heavy congestion may lead to transmission of infection or infection with this dangerous virus.


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