Competitive price, “iMovie” launches a wireless power bank


Mophie has introduced the Power Bank Wireless XL Wireless price is around $ 100 USD.

The American company said that the new power bank comes with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, with the feature of self-charging wirelessly as well as charging other devices wirelessly.

The power bank includes a USB-C socket For 18W charging, the same socket is used to charge the same power bank. Power bank supplies also include a cable USB-A. The power bank is also particularly suitable for iPhone users because it has a Lightning socket.

The power bank can be placed on the Qi charging dock To carry out the process of charging wirelessly as well as charging devices wirelessly, provided they comply with a standard Qi Like an Apple headset AirPods Pro, shipped 5W.

With the push of a button the LED lights appear The four is the amount of power remaining in the device.


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