Clubs must respect players ’health concerns


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Former England coach Sam Allardyce said the Premier League clubs should assure players that they will not be subjected to any repercussions if they do not want to risk their health and return to playing the game after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several players have expressed concerns about the League’s plans to resume the league in the midst of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic, which has infected more than 4.64 million people worldwide and has killed more than 310,000 people.

Allardyce wrote in a column in the Times: “Players can be equipped in four weeks, but this is the least worrying.” I think the biggest challenge for players will be dealing with the mental side.

He added: The first thing I would say as a coach in this situation is to talk to all players. And knowing how much they want to play. I will assure them that there will be no repercussions if they decide that it is difficult for them to play.

English clubs will hold an emergency meeting on Monday to vote on a decision to return to group training as part of possible plans to resume the season in June.

Allardice added: We all want to play, but we all want to play in safe conditions … If the players feel dismayed, they will not be able to provide their best levels, which will expose them to criticism after that, some players do not want to play and this must be respected.

Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro said that players should be able to make decisions without fear of their club or coach being angry.

“There is pressure on the players to perform,” Carnero, who left Chelsea after a row with former coach Jose Mourinho, told The Times. The trainer will be the manager with the strength to choose your next choice.

The doctor, who entered into an acute dispute with Mourinho in 2015 after quickly entered the field to treat Eden Hazard, continued: We no longer face the coaching body that plays the role of the father. I understand why there is a desire to return and a lot of players will want this to happen.

Karnero continued: Football has a high financial value, but this fear of frustrating individual entities must be overcome during the Covid-19 crisis. We must help spread awareness that this is greater than any club, coach or player who wants to return.


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