Circular descriptions of a minor who left the home of their relatives in Arsal and did not return to date


The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces circulated, based on the reference of the competent judiciary, the missing descriptions of the minor: Ola Khaled Izz Al-Din (born in 2006, Lebanese), who left on the 2/5/2020 of their relatives’ home in a locality behind Ras Al-Sarg in the town of Arsal, and did not return To date.

As for her descriptions, she is as follows: she is about 140 cm tall, moderately brown, brown skinned, honey-eyed, she wears a white veil, a light blue jeans jacket and “jeans” pants, which are full of mental and physical strength.

Therefore, honorable citizens who have seen it or have any information about it or its whereabouts are kindly requested to contact the Arsal platoon in the regional gendarmerie unit at: 230036/08, to give their information.


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