Cinema lovers … Mubi


There is no doubt that watching movies is no longer restricted to a specific location. You can search on YouTube for a movie you want to watch or go to Netflix or pay attention to the sites that were launched during the spread of the Corona virus and made the movies available to everyone. Despite the abundance of “cinematic” sites that may be tempting, “Mobi” is at the forefront in Lebanon (the most important site, Criterion Channel, is unfortunately not available in Lebanon). Mubi was founded in 2007 by a Turkish businessman, with the aim of building a network of communication for the Sinful. It is a virtual world to meet cinema lovers from all over the world, allowing entry and understanding of the spirit of cinematography and deepening into the art of cinema greatly. It can be said that Mobi is similar in appearance to other sites, but it excels in terms of content and structure.

It brings together the best and most important international films, independent and non-commercial, that participate in the most important international festivals. In addition, Mobi publishes a series of films that simulate a specific culture and delve into the traditions and customs of peoples. It also offers specialized cinema from time to time. “Moby” films are not available on any other site, the advantage of which is that it enters the viewer into the world of cinema and places him in front of a huge amount of unlimited and transcontinental options. It is the site dedicated to the Senphillians, who are passionate about the seventh art, who want to discover the new. “Mobi” publishes a new movie every day for 30 days, and the total number of daily films that can be watched is up to 30, with a monthly subscription of $ 10.99. The features of the site do not end here. Rather, it allows the viewer to write his critical opinion of the film he sees, providing the ability to follow the comments of others about the displayed films, and to know the general taste of the available films. The site offers the advantage of making virtual friendships with movie lovers, such as those provided by Facebook, but within a specific and specialized template. Here we suggest two films that can be watched on the site right now.*


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