Chinese scientists confirm 99% effectiveness of new Corona vaccine


A Chinese biotechnology company has announced its confidence in the success of its vaccine for Covid-19, noting that it is currently building a factory with the aim of producing 100 million doses.

Chinese scientists working on a Covid-19 vaccine told Britain’s Sky News that they were “99 percent” certain that the vaccine would be effective.

The vaccine against the new Corona virus, which is being developed by the company “Sinovac”, which works in the field of biotechnology, entered the second stage of the clinical trials with the participation of more than 1000 volunteers.

The company, which is headquartered in northwestern Beijing, also said it was in preliminary talks to conduct the third stage trials of the vaccine, the last part of the testing process, in Britain.

The researcher at the Sinovac Company, Luo Baishan, told Sky News the effectiveness of the vaccine, and in response to a question about whether he believed it would be effective effectively, “Yes, yes, it must be successful … 99 percent, of course.”

And “Senovac” published results last month in the academic journal “Science” that showed that the vaccine called “Coronavac” protects the monkeys from infection with the new coronavirus.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing the Chinese biotechnology company is the low number of cases of Covid-19 disease in China, which makes testing the vaccine in an epidemic situation difficult, and as a result, the company is looking to conduct third-stage trials in other countries.

On this point, the company’s chief investor relations manager, Helen Yang, told Sky News: “We are talking to many European countries and I think we discussed the matter with Britain as well,” adding, “It is currently a very preliminary stage of discussion.”

Although the company continues to conduct research and experiments, Synovac is pushing ahead with production, and the orange and white packages are already ready.

The goal of the parallel tracks is that mass production of the vaccine can begin immediately, if the trials are successful and the vaccine gets regulatory approval.

The company is building a commercial plant in another part of Beijing with the goal of providing 100 million doses, a number that appears to be intended, and means determining who will get the vaccine.

“We recommend that all people not get the vaccine,” Yang told Sky News. We first target groups at risk, for example, health workers, or the elderly who may be at greater risk of dying from the epidemic than others. I think this will be the starting point. But to be honest, the vaccine must be produced in large quantities. ”

According to Yang, the experiences of the second stage of the vaccine have several months before it begins the third stage, and then the vaccine requires the approval of the regulatory authorities.

Asked if she was sure of success, Yang said: “The data we have so far is very good,” noting that the company is thinking not only of China, but of the whole world.


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