China’s monthly exports rise for the first time this year


China reported two new infections with the “Corona” virus, unchanged from the previous day, according to data from the National Health Committee. The committee stated that the two injuries were for two people coming from abroad, and the two injuries recorded the previous day were also for two people coming from abroad.In a surprising development, China’s exports increased by 3.5% in April despite the decline in external demand with the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic.
In a statement, the Customs Administration stated that imports decreased by 14.2% compared to a year ago, registering a sharp decrease from its volume last month. Analysts had expected exports to decline by 11% and imports by 10%.
This is the first time since the beginning of the year that the exports of the Asian giant and the pillar of its economy have achieved positive growth, according to customs data. At the height of the epidemic in China, its exports fell 17.2% between January and February.
There is no doubt that this April jump is due to success in compensation, after the difficulties faced by exporters in the first quarter of the year, at a time when isolation measures were affecting the movement of transport, as seen by analyst from the Office of Oxford Economics, Louis Quijs.
Despite the gradual lifting of restrictions since then, a new decline in exports in the short term is “an imperative”, due to global conditions, according to Quijs.
The virus affects Chinese exports at a time when the economies of China, the European Union and the United States, are still paralyzed by it.


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